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Menu Misery for GMB Restaurants & Singleplatform Feed

Once again Google is forcing unverified and incorrect menu information direct into restaurants Google My Business listings.

There is a long history going back years with Singleplatform being used by Google My Business, originally added as a menu link, ordering and now injecting their Menu direct into a restaurants Menu Tab. In every complaint I have viewed the Singleplatform listing for the restaurant is unverified.

Singleplatform Unverified Menu Used by Google My Business - Online Ownership

Typically a restaurant only realises that this menu has been injected into their business listing when a customer complains to them.

Incorrect Old Menu via Singleplatform - Online Ownership

The problem with using unverified / scraped data from Singleplatform is that the restaurant does not know of its existence (until a complaint) and the menu items and prices are out of date and inaccurate.

Incorrect Menu Prices via Singleplatform - Online Ownership

What Should Restaurants Do Now

You cannot delete the menu, because its a feed from Singleplatform and will re-appear.

  1. Log into your GMB listing and add your menu to your listing – this will override the Singleplatform menu
  2. Contact Singleplatform and request removal of your restaurant from their site
  3. Use the Opt Out Form (this tells Google not to display Singleplatform)



I highly recommend that you contact Singleplatform and request removal of your restaurant from their site, do not ask to update or claim, for which they will charge you $109 Per Month (I kid you not) for the privilege of correcting your stolen content.

To locate your listing on Singleplatform listing you can Google a few variations:

  • singleplatform + restaurant name
  • singleplatform + restaurant name + location
  • + restaurant name
  • + restaurant name + location


After you have the URL for the listing on their site, go direct to their customer support form:

Request immediate removal of your restaurant.

If you also have a reservation button that needs to be removed, follow this for removal.


Online Ownership provides Google Business Profile Troubleshooting if you are having trouble getting your restaurants profile working for you without these pesky 3rd parties.