Create your Google Business Page

Step by Step Guide to setting up your Google Business Page. This guide starts at the very beginning of the process, with account creation to claiming and verifying your new Google Business Page.

Read through the set up process, before you begin, then follow the Guide in creating your new business page.


Setting Up Your Google My Business Listing

You will need a Google linked or created account to set up and manage your Google My Business page.

If you website is already using Google Analytics and Google Search Console – I recommend using the account you use to manage and access these. The limits the amount of accounts you need to log into to monitor your web presence, but also integrates the data between all products.

If you do not use any of these, then you will need to create a Google account, then remember to use this account for your use of other Google products.


To Create a Google Account go to:

Once you create a Google Account, you can use that same username and password to sign in to any Google product. This applies if you created the account through the main sign up page, or through a specific product’s sign up page.


To determine if you have a Google Account, just enter your email address:

If there’s no Google Account associated with your email address, you’ll get a message that says ‘No account found with that email address’ you entered.


Step 1: Create Your Business Page


Go to Google my Business:

Get on Google:
Sign In, with Google Account

Create Google My Business


Step 2: Select or Add your Business


Start by typing in your Business Name. A selection of business that match that name will appear.

Check to see if any of these are your business. Select the correct business if listed.

If not listed, select “Create a business with this name”.

Find My Business on Google My Business - Create a GMB Listing - Online Ownership


Step 3: Business Name


What’t the name of your business

Add the name of your business.

This is the real world name of your business – how you answer the phone.

Add Name of Business - Create a Google My Business Page - Online Ownership


Step 4: Business Category


Start by typing in what your business does.

Select the nearest possible type of applicable category or business type.

You will be able to add and refine once your business has been created.

Add Business Category - Create a Google My Business Listing - Online Ownership


Step 5: Local Business or Service Area


Do you want to add a location customers can visit, like a shop or office?

Yes – you have a physical business location that customers can come to.

You will next have to provide the address of the business.

No – you are a service area business and you visit customers at their location.

You will next be asked to select the areas you serve.

Local Business or Service Area Business - Create a Google My Business Page - Online Ownership


Step 6: Additional Service Area


This next step is if you selected you have a physical location by entering an address.

Do you also serve customers outside this location?

Yes – this is if you have a physical business location but will also go to a customer to provide a service.

No – customers have to come to your business location.

Additional Service Option - Creating Google My Business Listing - Online Ownership


Step 7: Business Contact Details


Add your telephone number.

You will be able to add a secondary tel number when your business page has been created.

Add your businesses website URL.

Business Contact Details - Create a Google My Business Listing - Online Ownership


Step 8: Manage Listing


Select Finish

You will then be provided the option to continue adding to the listing, like photos, business description etc.

Or select later to move into your account dashboard where you can continue or verify the listing.

Manage Your Listing - Create Google My Business Page - Online Ownership

Congratulations you have created your created your Google My Business Listing, all that remains is to Verify your business.

This is usually via postcard. Google my Business will send a verification PIN number in the post, this usually takes a couple of days to arrive.

Keep a lookout for the postcard in the mail.

When it arrives, go to: or log into your GMB account dashboard


Once you have requested your verification postcard Do Not change any main business details : Name or Address >> this will invalidate the PIN number that you have requested. Once verified, if you need to correct the Name or Address, then only after you have received the PIN number and verified the page.

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Having difficulty getting your Google My Business listing created or verified?

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