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Remove ‘Book Online’ & ‘Reservation’ Provider from Google Business Profile

For years, Google Business Profiles (Google My Business) trusted 3rd party Providers on Reserve with Google over actual businesses, the onus was on the business to run around trying to get the 3rd Party provider to remove them from their platform before the Book Online or Reservation button was removed.

Well, Google has had enough of 3rd Party providers obfuscating the process of removal and has put in place measures that they have to comply with.


Remove Booking Provider

Google now provides for various 3rd party business links in their new support documentation:


Remove 3rd Party Links

To provide services for local businesses, Google works with select third-party providers. These links lead to the website of the third-party provider. From the third-party website, customers can take actions such as “place an order” or “make an appointment or reservation.”

Links to certain services can appear automatically with your Business Profile on Google Search and Maps. Third-party providers, who state they have authorized relationships with your businesses, provide and update these links automatically.

Tip: If you turn off “Accept orders” on your profile, all ordering options and links (including first-party and third-party) you’ve added to your Business Profile will be hidden.

To remove a specific third-party booking link:

  1. Go to your Business Profile.
  2. On Google Search, select Booking and then Remove Provider.
  3. On Google Maps, select Edit profile and then Booking and then Remove Provider.

Providers need to remove third-party links from your profile within 5 days of receiving a removal request. If a provider doesn’t process your request, report a violation.

Remove a Provider in Bookings on Google Business Profile - Online Ownership

I love this update because 3rd Parties have been the bane of businesses existence from the first integration and have been living large on the back of businesses.

Hit that Remove Provider Today and finally get rid of that problem provider!

Online Ownership has been providing help with Google Business Profiles since inception and it would be naïve of me to think all providers will play ball. So if your request for removal has been ignored, file your report and email us with the Case ID (date of request) and Business ID and we can chase your case.