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Online Ownership provides Google My Business listing consulting and business listing troubleshooting to single location, multi locations and bulk location businesses globally.

Google My Business Consulting & Troubleshooting

  • Has your business page has been suspended
  • Having trouble dealing with duplicate listings
  • Local ranking issues
  • Need to understand the new Dashboard and Insights
  • How your Google Business Page can work better for your business
  • Best practices in dealing with bulk management listings.

Google My Business Consultants and Troubleshooting - Online Ownership

Online Ownership’s local SEO specialist has been recognised for his Google My Business product knowledge and is currently the only official UK, Google My Business Product Expert (Google Top Contributor).


Google Business Pages


In Local Search, small businesses have the chance to stand toe to toe with the big boys and create a successful business presence online. Building a strong Google Business Page footprint creates a stronger site and local results that are more able to withstand future algorithmic changes.


97% of consumers look online for local goods and services

4 out of 5 consumers use search engines to find local information nearby

37% of businesses have claimed a local business listing on a search engine

For this reason alone, a Google Business Pages should be the first step that any online and offline business takes in increasing their local business presence online.


Google Business Page Consultation


Using Google for your business is a way to stay ahead of the competition while having the ability to influence and impact your audience of consumers.

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Please provide detailed information pertaining to your business listing/s. This will reduce the amount of time spent requesting further details and information on actions that have been previously undertaken.

Recommendations provided do not guarantee that business listing/s will be re instated, this will depend on the level of suspension and the account information held by Google.


Information Required:

  • Business Name:
  • Business Address: ( even if marked as SAB )
  • Business Tel Number:
  • Website:


  • Link to Google Business Page:
  • Link to Sec of State Registration: ( for US businesses )


Growing and building a successful business locally online, requires more than traditional marketing and advertising campaigns. Understanding the benefits of online marketing and the use of Google Business pages, is imperative to expanding a business regardless of the industry you are trading in or the target demographic you want to reach.


Google Business Pages SEO


A major benefits of using Google Plus for business is the built-in SEO, or search engine optimisation that it provides to a business. Take advantage of local SEO techniques that places your business front and center into the Business Knowledge Panel.

Event Structured Data in local Knowledge Panel

Google business pages allow you to:

  • Build authority in your industry
  • Build a visible presence in Search
  • Increase user engagement
  • Increase CTR
  • Increase Traffic


Social Media for Business


Google Plus provides a myriad of social engagement opportunities for business owners looking to promote a branded page or local business page. Connecting and networking with others in your industry is a quick way to gain clout and the ability to have an impact in any business field. Sharing your promotional material, posts and news has never been easier with Google Plus’ easy to use interface, regardless of how new you are to utilizing social media within your own marketing practices.

Google Posts in Search Results

Currently in Testing Phase: Posts Pushed Live to Search Results


Put Google AdWords to Use


Google AdWords is also available to those who are using Google Plus for business. Connecting your Google Business Page account with your Google AdWords account provides the tools necessary to create engaging and interesting ad campaigns regardless of the type of products, services or content you have to offer to visitors and potential customers online. Tracking ad campaigns and creating new marketing campaigns is now possible and easier than ever with Google Plus in conjunction with Google AdWords, giving you more control over the type of content and promotional material you want to share with your audience.

Google Business Page and Adwords


Insights into your Business Page Data


Insights data are not updated in real-time and may take up to 48 hours to refresh. Values are approximate and only significant values may be show

See the total number of actions your business information and content has received in the last 7, 30, or 90 days. You can use the drop down menu on the graph to filter the date range or the action type.

View and respond to reviews


Google Business Page - Insights

Read: Exporting Insights Data


Google Business Page Resources


Create your Business Page


Step by Step Guide to setting up your Google Business Page. This guide starts at the very beginning of the process, with account creation to claiming and verifying your new Google Business Page.
Read through the set up process, before you begin, then follow the Guide in creating your new business page.

Create your Business Page


Manage your Business Page


Get to know your Google Business Page and how to get the best results for your business:

  • How to Edit your Business details
  • How to Edit Business information
  • Manage your Business photos
  • Access tools from Dashboard


Manage your Business Page



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