Local SEO

Local SEO is the process of optimising a website for higher visibility in search results for Local search queries.

Any business with a physical address that has local customers should consider incorporating Local SEO into their online marketing strategy. The goal of local SEO is to increase the potential for your website to appear higher in either conventional organic results or local specific search queries.

Online Ownership offers bespoke Local SEO tailored to your business, its locality and your business needs.


Do I Need Local SEO?


97% of consumers search online for local goods and local services first

4 out of 5 consumers use search engines to find local information nearby

37% of businesses have claimed a local business listing on a search engine


Local SEO Consultant Working for Your Business


Online Ownership’s Local SEO service aims to provide businesses with higher exposure to local customers online. We can do as little or as much as your business demands, with the overall aim to build a solid foundation for your sites future visibility.

  • Optimised Google local business page
  • Integrate Google business into your site
  • On Site local optimisation
  • Identify search terms and quick wins
  • Local business citations
  • Customer review strategy
  • Content strategy to build reputation and authority
  • Brand and reputation management


Every business is unique!. A small business site may only require some restructuring to yield results, where a large site may be experiencing a manual penalty and requires technical SEO help in submitting a reconsideration request.

Online Ownership will provide a SEO strategy that best suits your needs.


Online Ownership provides local SEO without the Smoke and Mirrors, you may have experienced with other SEO providers. We regularly publish local SEO material for past and present clients on our Local SEO Blog, and our Local SEO consultant is a recognised Google My Product Expert.

Local SEO Services and Local SEO Consulting by Google My Business Product Experts - Online Ownership


Does My Website Need Help with Local SEO?


Online Ownership never “shoe horns” a business into an SEO package. Each SEO strategy is unique as your business. Try a Free Site Audit to see if your site has any current SEO issues. You know where we are if you would like any help understanding or correcting the issues.

Local SEO Strategy


There are a few key areas that needs to be focused on and optimised appropriately. You need to consider Google and your local business profile, on-site optimisation and semantic markup, citations and reviews.

Creating a local business profile on Google is a vital part of making local SEO and your business successful. If you don’t already have a Google profile, that should be the first step in the development of a local search strategy. Local business pages generally display business reviews, address, telephone number and hours of operation. The more information you provide, the easier it will be for local searchers to find what they are looking for.

Building your Local Authority


Local business citations are a significant factor in local SEO ranking and are viewed similar to how backlinks in traditional SEO are viewed. These local business citations show that the company is an established place of business.

As with conventional SEO, it is important to optimise your landing pages for local key words. You also need to include your business name, targeted local keywords and the business location. This means that meta title, meta description, opening H1, image alt tags and on-page copy are included. Just like traditional SEO, your pages need to be optimised naturally and not overloaded with your keywords. Just promote your business naturally.



What Our Local SEO Consultants Work On


Online Ownership provides a bespoke local SEO consulting service. We research your site, your competitors, technical aspects and marketing goals. Our process at Online Ownership can include technical corrections, on site optimisation, content creation and marketing, social media marketing, all designed to provide maximum effectiveness based on ROI.

Our core business is Local SEO, we eat, sleep, live Local SEO.

Local Research


Your websites visibility depends on how Search Engines understand and interpret what your site and business is about.

Researching keywords that relate to your business, the demand and usage of these keywords provides valuable insight into what your customers are searching for and how to position your business for these searches.

Site Audit and Development


Online Ownership will provide your web developer with the necessary changes required to optimise your website to Google’s recommended guidelines.  Most developers have a basic understanding on SEO, but as SEO specialists we are keenly aware of any new developments within browser and search developments.


Link Building


Online Ownership looks for meaningful link building opportunities within your market sector. We do not build links for immediate gain.

Online Ownership will consider building a link if the link is going to enhance the user experience and crucially drive traffic to your site

Local SEO Strategy


SEO is not a one off activity, it takes time for search engines to understand changes made to a website, equally it takes time to achieve your objectives. A typical local SEO campaign takes around 120 days to start seeing local results. No matter what SEO package you begin with Online Ownership, your website remains our primary objective.



Our Local SEO Consultant is a Google Product Expert


Online Ownership is recognised for our expertise and comprehensive knowledge of local SEO and current industry best practice. Online Ownership’s SEO consultant, Tim Capper has been recognised by Google as a product expert within Google My Business.

Tim Capper is one of nine recognised Google Business Experts in the world.

Google Summit 2015

Google Summit 2015 - Google Business Experts

Google Summit 2016

Google Summit 2016 - Google Business Experts

Your Local SEO will be looked after by a Google Business Expert.


Local SEO Consultant FAQs


What Does a Local SEO Consultant Do?

Our Local SEO Consultant will work towards your businesses goals, we don’t offer SEO packages, rather we look at your wish list and perceived problems, then formulate this into a strategy to help you achieve the desired results online. Our consultant can do one time audit and clean up work or monthly retained work on site.

How Much Does a Local SEO Consultant Charge?

Online Ownership is not a large consultancy, (we prefer it this way) which means we don’t have large overheads built into our charges. Our Local SEO Consultant charges an hourly rate of £45. Depending on the project this can be worked into a monthly budget or quoted based on objectives.

Is Your Local SEO Consultant any Good?

You will have to be the judge of that, however our Local SEO Consultant is the only Google My Business Product Expert in the UK for Google. Tim wrote the Local SEO Beginners guide for SEMrush, writes and speaks about Local SEO and our clients metrics speak for themselves.
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