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Clearing Up Reporting on Nusr-Et Missing Google Reviews

Nothing infuriates me more then bad journalism, especially when they report that a a business in this case Nusr-Et (Salt Bae) somehow removed bad Google reviews on their business profile.


The Articles

Assume that the “updated by the business” label is something to do with reviews. News Flash, its Not!

This label is when the business has updated their Hours.

The next assumption is that a business can remove reviews. News Flash, they Can’t!


The Reality

Google has algorithms and automatically removes reviews that violate guidelines, which includes language and the single basic premise that the user actually visited or used the business.

A business can flag a review, which the reviews team will then manually check.

I found plenty of reviews that should not in fact be live as the user is a rubber neck reviewer – they left a review but have never visited.


Nusr-Et Google Reviews - Online Ownership


If the business was flagging reviews, the above two would be removed without question as spam.

And its not just negative review rubber neckers. Martin admits he did not eat there but feels sorry for the business.


Nusr-Et Fake Positive Reviews - Online Ownership



Hopefully this explains the reality of what is going on, including fake positive and negative rubber necker reviews.

Expect to see more removals and please this time report on this correctly.


Reported Google Reviews

A quick look at reviews, both positive and negative, shows quite a few obviously spam / fake reviews.

Snapshot of these:


Update from Tripadvisor

Tripadvisor this morning has suspended reviews on because of the sheer amount of spam / fake reviews:

“Due to a recent event that has attracted media attention and has caused an influx of review submissions that do not describe a first-hand experience, we have temporarily suspended publishing new reviews for this listing”

Reminder About Reviews

It is illegal in the UK to post a review (positive or negative) that is solely intended to influence a persons perception of the business.

Perhaps journalists should keep this in mind before reporting on spam / fake reviews being supposedly removed by the business.