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Link Promotions – Avoid – Google Business Profile Shenanigans

I have been contacted yet again by a business issued with an invoice for supposed work undertaken by a company called Link Promotions.

If this company contacts you offering a free trial to manage your Google business profile, hang up immediately.


Invoice for Supposed Work

This is a copy of the invoice that was sent to the business by Link Promotions


Link Promotions Scam Invoice - Online Ownership


It is identical to ones reported to complaints board.


Why Supposed Work?

The reason I am 100% confident that none of this work has been undertaken is because:

1. This business does not have a website
2. They have no access to the businesses Google listing.


Businesses Profile Link Promotions Invoice - Online Ownership


They could not have conducted any of the work listed in the invoice, it would be physically impossible.


The Play

This bit is a little unclear, I am still waiting for details but it would seem that its starts with an over the phone agreement to a free trial, which escalates into an agreement to continue.

Never agree to anything over the phone, this can be legally binding, especially if recorded.

I have found some reports online that when asked for the recordings, they were not produced, so ask.

You have to give consent to be recorded, so make sure you also have this on the recording (if produced).


Report Them

I would love to be able to report them to Google Business, but in this case they don’t actually have access to the business profile, so nothing for Google to trace.

If you have provided them with access, please send me the account details – I would be able to do something with this.

Report to:

  • Trading Standards
  • Companies House
  • Which Scam Report
  • Me – send me more details, emails, invoices, screenshots of your business profile dashboard

Any and all information will help bring a case against these people.


Avoid Like the Plague

Company number 07033466
Office 1 32 Percival Street Darwen BB3 1HB
Daisyfield Business Centre Appleby Street Blackburn BB1 3BL

01254 433703

Link Promotions Scam Tel Number - Online Ownership



Scam Tel Number Link Promotions - Online Ownership