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Restaurant Warning – Touch 2 Success – Ownership Requests for Business Listings

This is not the first time I have been seeing unsolicited ownership requests coming from Touch 2 Success, but there has been a large spike in restaurant ownership requests from this company.


What To Do:


1. Deny the Ownership Request

You should deny the ownership request as soon as it comes through.

Click » View Request » Deny

Ownership Request for Google My Business - Touch 2 Success - Online Ownership

They use a variety of sequenced email addresses:

Also going to touch 2 success is the foodhub domain email requests:


2. Report Their Attempt

Without reporting, a human at Google My Business will never know of these fraudulent attempts at ownership access, so take 2 minutes and report.

Google My Business has specific 3rd party guidelines that agencies / companies should follow, so please do report bad third parties.


Restaurants need to protect their business listings, especially during COVID when they have become a hot commodity being able to remain open for takeaway and the entire country in lockdown.

Don’t let scammers get access to your business listing.