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Personalised SERP Explosion and how to turn them Off

This may not be new to you searching on and yes personalised results have appeared in the Search results for quite some time now, but they were intermittent at best in  However,  as of yesterday, we had a Personalised SERP explosion.

Personalised search results appear when you have made a post, +1’d or shared a post on a particular subject or when someone in your circles has done. You then see a personalised search result based on you or your circles have said or interacted with.


Personalised SERP Explosion

This was the Post I made on Google Plus.



And here it is appearing in the search results


Personalised Search Results

Turn Off Personalised Search Results

Personalised Search Results turn Off


Whilst personalised SERP results are pretty neat, you will find some pages and topics that are popular may have several personalised search results in them and this can be a little annoying. So turn them off.

In the top right hand corner, click on the world icon “Hide Private Results” to turn them Back on, click the little man Icon

Personalised results also appear within local search, contact Online Ownership to find out how to take advantage of these for your business.