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MyBlogGuest Penalty – Manual Spam Action Revoked in 5 Days

Last week i reported on receiving a manual spam penalty in Google webmaster tools for having published 7 articles from MyBlogGuest.

See: MyBlogGuest publishers manual action notices

I submitted a reconsideration request, listing the 7 articles, adding “nofollow” to the links. Three of the articles, I later removed through lack of traffic.


5 Days Later, Manual Spam Action Revoked

Result, spam action has been revoked. Which is super fast for a review, yes it was only 7 pages for the reviewer to check, but that it still super fast.

Manual Spam Action Revoked


Reminder of what Manual Spam Action is.

Manual Spam Action: unnatural links from your site



If your website is linking to low-quality or spam-type sites, Google will deem the links as unnatural and send you a message notifying you that the links do not pass PageRank. This negatively affects your search results ranking because Google often believes that you may be selling links or participating in a link scheme. Either way, the links violate Google’s guidelines and you will need to remove them in order to revoke the search engine’s manual action.

The good news is that unlike unnatural links to your website, it can be much easier to remove unnatural links from your site. After you identify the links that violate Google’s linking guidelines.


Google recommends include:

  • Remove the offending links from your site — Perhaps the simplest way to get rid of links affecting your search result ranking is just to take them down. This may not be feasible if you entered into an agreement with another site in exchange for a backlink, but you can also contact other site owners to notify them of your decision and attempt to terminate such a deal.
  • Add a rel=“nofollow” attribute — The “nofollow” attribute tells search engines and robots not to crawl for specific links. This can help keep your site from passing PageRank to unfavourable neighbourhoods on the internet, and the attribute will enable Googlebot to crawl other pages you would prefer to see in the search giant’s index.
  • Redirect the links through a page blocked by robot.txt — Using robot.txt URLs will also help change links so they do not pass PageRank.

After removing unnatural links from your site, you can submit a reconsideration request to Google showing that you have taken steps to correct the problem.

Struggling with a manual action, give our search consultant a call for a no obligation chat.