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Google Business Reinstatement / Suspension Bug

Google My Business or Google Business Profiles are currently struggling with a reinstatement bug after a suspension, leaving users unable to request reinstatement. Update: Reinstatement bug is back, with a plot twist progress report bug.   Reinstatement Bug This bug has been active for almost a month now and in my instances seems to kick […]

Local SEO for ‘Adult’ Businesses is Beyond Crazy

I recently took a foray into the Adult Industry for a local business in London and this vertical for Local SEO is beyond crazy, its totally insane. Before you switch to reading in incognito, this business is a registered Ltd company with accounts and VAT up to date (I did my moral diligence) and it […]

What Can You Update in Hotels Knowledge Panel

A hotels knowledge panel is generated via the hotels Google my Business profile, however unlike a non lodging category profile, there are limited items that a hotel can control directly within the GMB profile. So what can you control directly from profile?   Hotels Knowledge Panel     Hotel Image – Images can be controlled, […]

What are Justifications in Local Search?

Local Search is really catching up with Traditional Search Results where Google is working really hard to match user intent in the local pack, local finder and maps, which are generated from Google my Business profiles. (Yup – Google My Business now refers to listings / pages as profiles)   What are Local Justifications? Justifications […]

Google My Business Kansas Bug Hits the UK – Moffat, Scotland

The Google My Business Kansas bug has hit the UK, only Kansas is now Moffat in Scotland. This bug drops a Service Area Business into Moffat, Scotland instead of the businesses selected service area.   What the Moffat Bug Looks Like Business appears in Moffat, Scotland This is a waste collection business, located in London […]

Google My Business Reviews Being Removed

A Google review can be removed from your Google My Business listing for a number of reasons, from automatic spam detection, account suspension to simply being deleted by the user. The usual question we see is, “Why are my Google My Business reviews being removed / missing?” and the crucial misunderstanding in that question is […]

Menu Highlight (Justification) for Restaurants in Local Pack

Menu Highlight justifications have been appearing in the local pack for a while now, but how do you manage or take advantage of these justifications appearing when a user searches for a particular type of dish.     Menu Highlights Menu highlights come from images of dishes that have been named / labelled. You cannot […]