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Connect your Google Business Profile via WooCommerce

Connect to Woo information tabs are starting to appear in Google Business Profiles where Google detects that the business website is using WooCommerce. This is an official plugin collaboration between Google & WooCommerce. Documentation in Google also includes Shopify, so business profiles that are using Shopify may also be getting these info panels appearing within […]

Clearing Up Reporting on Nusr-Et Missing Google Reviews

Nothing infuriates me more then bad journalism, especially when they report that a a business in this case Nusr-Et (Salt Bae) somehow removed bad Google reviews on their business profile.   The Articles Assume that the “updated by the business” label is something to do with reviews. News Flash, its Not! This label is when […]

Google Posts Now Available in Hotels Business Profiles

Google Posts are now available in to use in Hotels Google Business Profiles, albeit with some limitations. After months of posts appearing and disappearing, right up until our PE Fri 10th meeting, this was classed as unintended. However Saturday morning Joy Hawkins noticed that Google had updated support docs with post for hotels.   Whoa, […]

Update Restaurant Hours for a Single Day

The hospitality industry in the UK is currently struggling with staffing issues, which means you may not be able to open for a lunch service on a particular day. Updating your Google Business Profile on the day should be a priority. There is nothing worse for customers to arrive and the doors are closed. This […]

Medical Category Chaos for Google Business Profiles

Update: Looks to be fixed as of 3pm – 22 Nov   If you are in the medical space you may have noticed that one or all of your selected categories in your Google Business Profile has been removed. Joy Hawkins tweeted about this Nov 16th   Dozens of healthcare categories have been removed from […]

Google Business Reinstatement / Suspension Bug

Google My Business or Google Business Profiles are currently struggling with a reinstatement bug after a suspension, leaving users unable to request reinstatement. Update: Reinstatement bug is back, with a plot twist progress report bug.   Reinstatement Bug This bug has been active for almost a month now and in my instances seems to kick […]

Local SEO for ‘Adult’ Businesses is Beyond Crazy

I recently took a foray into the Adult Industry for a local business in London and this vertical for Local SEO is beyond crazy, its totally insane. Before you switch to reading in incognito, this business is a registered Ltd company with accounts and VAT up to date (I did my moral diligence) and it […]