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Menu Misery for GMB Restaurants & Singleplatform Feed

Once again Google is forcing unverified and incorrect menu information direct into restaurants Google My Business listings. There is a long history going back years with Singleplatform being used by Google My Business, originally added as a menu link, ordering and now injecting their Menu direct into a restaurants Menu Tab. In every complaint I […]

Menu Bugs in Restaurant GMB Dashboards

There is a growing problem with the Menu Tab disappearing in restaurants Google My Business dashboards. This issue first appeared mid May with users noticing that their Menu displayed in mobile devises where incorrect and how to update them. Since then this Menu Bug has grown into a variety of issues:   Menu tab is […]

My Local SEO Clients & COVID-19 Business Survival

I am not going to sugar coat the last few months under lock down and COVID, it has been bloody tough. I have also been quite shocked at how other marketers have been unable to adapt to the COVID challenge that businesses faced and still continue to try and push the same old techniques: Rank […]

Updates to Hotel Attributes in Google My Business

This is a timely reminder to hotels to check for any new updates to their attributes in Google My Business.     Attribute Updates Updates are available across all sections: Internet Food and drink Policies & payments Activities Services Children Pools Parking & transport Wellness Accessibility Business & events Pets   Some New Features Ability […]

Verification FAQs for Google My Business

Verification is probably one of the largest issues that I deal with as a Google my Business Product Expert. What should be a relatively pain free process of creating or claiming to verifying a business listing can often come off the rails when something happens within the process of verifying the listing. Most problems regarding […]

Editing a Closed Google My Business Listing

There are occasions when you need to make an edit to a closed Google My Business listing. With a closed business listing you have to mark the listing as OPEN – wait for this to be applied (if at all) then suggest the edit, wait for it to be approved (normal system process) – then […]

The Hotel Industry Needs to Purge Themselves of Google & OTA’s

The hotel industry is being decimated currently during COVID-19 and its high time the hotel industry purges themselves of Google and Online Travel Agents (OTA). Well, okay not so much Google but if they organised themselves they could give Google a spanking it will not forget for their treatment by Google during this unprecedented time. […]

C’mon Google – Time to Allow Hotels to Use Google Posts

C’mon Google My Business, its high time you allow Hotels to use Google Posts in this time of COVID-19 where quarantined guests need information more then ever. There are currently hundreds of thousands of people quarantined inside hotels and Google is still resisting enabling of Google Posts for hotels, you can see what they restrict […]