Restaurants Schema and Structured Data Markup

Restaurant Schema and Structured Data Markup allows the restaurant to markup their information for search engines to understand the data being presented to them on page. The most basic being the Name and Address of the restaurant to marking up your entire menu or booking options. With the added information that a restaurants Google Business […]

Restaurant Google Business Listing Menu Bugs

Currently there are two menu bugs that are affecting some Google Business Listings for some restaurants. The bugs relate to the menu url not being displayed in the knowledge panel and local search and the second being the new add menu section not being displayed in the restaurants account dashboard. Restaurant Menu URL Not Being […]

Knowledge Graph & Knowledge Panel Both Appearing in Search Results

Today I noticed that one of my clients had both the Knowledge Graph and Knowledge Panel appearing for the business in search results. Typically these are not separate entities but combined within the businesses knowledge panel. The site does not have Organization structured data on site but LocalBusiness structured data which includes SameAs fields for […]

Consumer Behaviours 2017, how Consumers Searched and Evolved their Searches Online

Consumers’ search behaviours are evolving rapidly and today’s users expect to get the information they’re looking for with minimal effort. They believe that Google should be able to infer what they want and that they shouldn’t have to waste their time with drawn-out, explanatory search queries. Not only do they expect more from Google, they […]