Protect Your Restaurants Google Listing from Menu Provider Hijack

There are two Golden Rules to protecting your Restaurants Google Business Listing from being hijacked by 3rd Party Menu Providers. There are different variations to a hijack, from simply appearing in your restaurants knowledge panel online, to switching out your website for theirs, to receiving orders and payment and not informing the restaurant. Types of […]

Google My Business Guide for Restaurants

Google My Business has become the online entrance for customers into a restaurant. Google provides a restaurant knowledge panel for branded searches and also returns local packs for searchers on types of restaurants in a location. Google My Business is a window into your restaurant providing customers with information from, opening hours, busy times, menu, […]

Subtle Differences of Events & Exhibitions in the Knowledge Panel

With more and more people noticing Events being displayed in the Knowledge Panel (not always correctly) there is a rise in incorrect information being written that assumes Events and Exhibitions being displayed are equal. Putting spam events aside there are subtle differences to Events and Exhibitions.     The Difference Between Events & Exhibitions Although […]