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Worst Local Search Results from Google, Ever!


The Local search for Suffolk Hotels has now been corrected, so i do take my hat off to Google for actually listening …. it did take a lot of shouting, though.

Below is the new results; feel free to read the rest of the post whilst you are here.


Suffolk Hotels


So what has prompted this post?

Three weeks ago I noticed one of the worst search results returned by Google. Not making too much of a fuss, I posted a screenshot and added in Google, Google+ Local, thinking they would rectify this.

So why the fuss?

Google has been shoving algo’s down our throats for the past 10 months, Why? : To serve the best possible results to the searcher.


Well Google, this is just not Good Enough !

Worst Local Search Results, Ever!


Search Term : Suffolk Hotels

(When posting this tonight, they have removed the Hotel Finder)


local search results suffolk hotels


Original Post : 19 July

Hotel Finder – Displaying USA – Not UK

(if you cant get it to work in the UK then remove it until you can – Bad UX – is that not what you keep telling us)

1 out of all the properties is a Hotel, the other 6 well thats just a go figure.

Local Search Results 3 weeks Later

Google has removed the Hotel Finder BUT the Local search results is only displaying 1 correct listing.


Local Search Results


This must be a very “localised” search problem as neighbouring county searches are ok : Essex Hotels

However as we all know when there is such a glaring hiccup in Google, there are other problems appearing elsewhere that remain hidden.

Local SERPs constantly change as Google changes their centroids within an area. As part of our local SEO service we build these fluctuations into our strategy.