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What Can You Update in Hotels Knowledge Panel

A hotels knowledge panel is generated via the hotels Google my Business profile, however unlike a non lodging category profile, there are limited items that a hotel can control directly within the GMB profile.

So what can you control directly from profile?


Hotels Knowledge Panel


Hotel Knowledge Panel in Search Results - Online Ownership


  1. Hotel Image – Images can be controlled, but not the preferred image
  2. Map Location – You can control the map location (address section of profile)
  3. Street View – You cannot update street view, but you can adjust PIN to provide better outside image
  4. Name of Hotel – You can control this via profile
  5. Website – You control this via profile (don’t forget to UTM track)
  6. Book a Room – No Control, this is via OTAs
  7. Address & Phone – You control this via profile
  8. Booking – OTA booking feed, set the prices via that OTA dashboard
  9. Hotel Details – You cannot edit, contact business support for edits
    Amenities – Although you are able to update attributes for amenities in profile, these are via OTA
  10. Reviews – If a poor review is stuck in KP it can take a while for it to be rotated out – no control
  11. Q&A – yes you are able to update and answer


Incorrect OTA information should be managed via your OTA dashboard.

For other things like, Star Rating, Hotel Description, you will need to contact business support to update any incorrect information.

If you are having difficulties up dating your hotel knowledge panel, Online Ownership provides Google My Business consulting, feel free to give us a call for a no obligation chat.