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Verification Help via Status Tool for Google Business Profiles

If you are struggling to get your Google Business Profile verified, whether through Video, Live Chat, or the good old-fashioned postcard, the verification status tool now has additional options to enable businesses to get verification support.


Getting Verification Help

To use the verification status tool, you must be logged into the same account you used to create the business profile.

  1. Go to Verification Status Tool
  2. Confirm Account
  3. Select your Business Profile
  4. Do you still need support button
  5. Select Yes
  6. Follow link to Support Team

Additional workflow in new support channel

  • My business profile is not verified

Then follow the workflow, you will eventually be provided the old support form for verification issues.

Google Business Verification Support Form - Online Ownership


For SAB (Service Area Businesses)

The form will ask you to add the address you originally inputted in business profile and confirm country

  1. Do you still need support button
  2. Select Yes
  3. Follow link to Support Team

The form is almost the same BUT proof required is relevant to Service Area Business.

Google Business Profile Service Area Business Verification Support Form - Online Ownership

Please, please, please take this opportunity to attach all the business proof necessary in order for them to be able to validate the profile.

Online Ownership provides help with Google Business Profiles but come on people, you need to meet Google half way with proper proof that you exist.