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Verification FAQs for Google My Business

Verification is probably one of the largest issues that I deal with as a Google my Business Product Expert. What should be a relatively pain free process of creating or claiming to verifying a business listing can often come off the rails when something happens within the process of verifying the listing.

Most problems regarding verification will have to be resolved by Contacting Business Support, this is because verification requires verifying that the business actually exists and or in high spam verticals where new verification’s have to be manually approved.


Google My Business Verification FAQs

If you have a verification problem that I have not answered, please do reach out and I can help trouble shoot the problem and add it to the the list.


My Postcard Has Not Arrived

If your postcard has not arrived after 14 days, you can either request a new post card but I would recommend contacting business support using:

Note: Because the postcard did not arrive, business support typically will request images of the business location with signage.

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Address for Postcard is Incorrect

You are most likely trying to claim your business listing when it was at a previous address.

Go back to the beginning of the claim process:

  • Select – Own this Business or Claim this Business
  • Select – I am authorised to represent this business
  • Continue
  • DO NOT select to verify
  • Select – Verify Later link
  • Business account details will open
  • Select – Info Section
  • Correct Address and any other details
  • You can now select to be Verify the business listing

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Can’t Receive Verification Postcard at Address

You need to use the actual businesses location, regardless of whether post is delivered to that address or not. The reason being is that the address and corresponding PIN marker is so customers can see where the business is and map directions. If you used a PO Box, you don’t want customers arriving at a post office box.

Use the correct address of the business at location, when the post card has not arrived after 14 days, then proceed with verification support:


Note: Some countries are supported for PO Boxes as a delivery address. If this exists in your account dashboard then use this as secondary address.


Verified Listing but Still Pending

Pending status last from a couple of minutes to a couple of days, depending on how stacked the system is.

If this last longer then 7 days, it typically means that Google cannot find any other corresponding business details online and is algorithmically unsure that this business truly exists (Yes, even though you verified). The other possibility is that the selected business category falls within a high spam vertical and requires manual release.


Entered PIN Number But Wont Accept

If you entered the provided PIN number and it does not accept it, but goes back into a loop then you most likely reset the PIN number by editing some crucial business information like, Name, Address or Tel Number.

If your post card arrived quickly the first time, then request another PIN number and don’t edit any details.

If you waited a long time for the first post card, then contact business support:


I Want To Verify By Phone

You have to chose one of the options provided by Google My Business to verify the business. If the only option provided is the post card method, then you have to use this method.

Note: You will only get other options to verify the listing if Google is 100% sure the business exists at that location based on other online authority signals.

Change Number for Phone Verification

Sometimes the tel number listed is on an automated system to help callers get to the correct department (press 1 for, press 2 for).

  • Can you turn off the automated system for the few minutes it will take for the PIN number to be phoned through?
  • Does your phone system allow for an Ext to be dialled, if so there is provision for you to add extension in before calling.
  • Try adding in a mobile number as secondary tel number. On the odd occasion it has allowed TXT option to be enabled.


Change Email for Verification

If you are being presented with an email verification option, Google typically offers this when they can detect a domain associated email (info@domain).

You cannot change this email so your options are to create that domain email, if not already in use or to switch to other verification options.


Where Do I Enter Verification Code

Log into your account dashboard:

You can add your verification code on both the HOME and INFO pages – look for the verification box.


Verified But Now Showing as Duplicate

This has happened because there is a listing already in existence for the business.

Google the name of the business find the listing in search or maps or start the process again in Google My Business dashboard and select the business in the drop down presented. Then go through the process again.

Google My Business Verification FAQs - Online Ownership

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