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Update Restaurant Hours for a Single Day

The hospitality industry in the UK is currently struggling with staffing issues, which means you may not be able to open for a lunch service on a particular day. Updating your Google Business Profile on the day should be a priority. There is nothing worse for customers to arrive and the doors are closed.

This happened to me over the weekend and the prompt for this post because I recommended to the owner about quickly updating their special hours for that day and the reply was it takes hours!

Nope it takes a couple of seconds and will save you from irked customers.


Update Restaurant Hours on the Day


  1. Log into account:
  2. Info Section >> Holiday / Special Hours
  3. Select The Date
  4. Add Closed Hours
  5. Apply


Info Section >> Hours

Holiday / Special Hours – below regular and more hours.

Holiday Special Hours for Business in Business Profile - Online Ownership

Whilst here you may as well double check the holiday hours currently populated. You don’t want to show closed instead of open during these either.


Add Day / Date

Scroll to the bottom of the special hours page.

Add New Date

Add Date for New Hours in Google Business Profile - Online Ownership

Add Closed Hours

Add the new closed hours for that day.

Closed Hours for Day in Google Busienss Profile - Online Ownership

Your business profile will now display the new closed hours for that day and resume once hours set have expired.


I know its the last thing you are thinking of on the day, but the 15 or 20 people that turn up to the door saying closed wont be forgetting the experience that quickly. Ooh I just realised, you could also add a Google Post to inform customers that day you will be closed for lunch service.

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