Uk Google Plus Brands the Winners and Losers

Given the debate today on Google Plus we decided to create a post for everyone.

With the launch of Brand and Business pages on Google + we have seen some brands getting it RIGHT and some brands getting it completely WRONG as of February 2012


Brand Winner on Google Plus

My all time favourite at the moment is +Cadbury UK, they started their campaign on Google+ with the Launch of the Goo Games, it is basically cadbury’s cream eggs competing in different Olympic events.

Their Google+ brand manager is doing a fantastic job, they use photos, video to keep their circles entertained. They have currently been circled 325 thousand times.

They launched their campaign on Google + with this on the 19th Jan.


cadbury google plus brand



Brand Losers on Google Plus

Google+ is still very new, so these are not losers as such, but have a long way to go to pick themselves up. The golden rules to social media is interaction.  All it takes is one good photo per day to create something that may be worthy of a comment or plus 1.

The difference with Google+ and FB, is that on FB you can basically let your fans steam themselves, so you sit back and let your fans do the work, not so on Google+, you need to engage and lead the way.


Update: October 2014

Two years after first publishing this, Our Brand Losers have all become Brand Winners, well perhaps Harrods could still try a little harder. According to Harrods they are “Coming soon to Google+” …. how long do they need ?


+John Lewis

This page is the post that started the discussion today.  John Lewis feel that by posting a question each day will get some sort of discussion flowing, clearly not working for them.

Our tip for them is to focus on one department a month and post a picture of an item in that department each day.


john lewis google plus brand



Their tag line is “the world’s most famous luxury department store”……. Not from where I am sitting !

Harrods clearly feels that 3 posts all on the 18 November 2011 is enough to create customer – circle – brand engagement. they even had some poor sole comment on their post on the 8th of January with no feedback.


harrods google plus brand





Debenhams feels that 1 post every two weeks is enough to kick-start their massive social media campaign.


debenhams google plus brand


And then there was ………….  +Marks and Spencer


Their tag line is, ” Only at your M&S”……….  what exactly is that then ??


m&s google plus brand



If you have any other winners or losers ( UK) for Google plus brands, send us an email and we’ll gladly add to the list.

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