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UK E-Commerce Opportunities in Poland with Allegro

There is a large untapped opportunity for UK businesses to expand into Poland’s rapidly growing E-Commerce and M-Commerce markets. Poland currently has the largest growing share in the E-Commerce retail market year on year at 22.6%, US on 14.5% and UK at 15.8%.


E-commerce share of retail market

In 2014 the Polish e-commerce market was worth about PLN 30 billion. According to forecasts, its value will double by 2019 to PLN 60 billion or around £10.5 billion pounds.


Expanding your UK E-Commerce into Poland


Whilst these growth statistics are impressive a UK business should first test the Polish markets petite for your products before re-tasking developers, marketing and SEO to a Polish version of your E-commerce site.

Another option would be to leverage the largest market place platform in Poland called Allegro.
In this instance you would leverage their existing market and traffic to sell your product on their platform, think Amazon and Ebay.

You would still need to have products translated into Polish and an e-commerce fulfilment provider to Europe in place.


Allegro the E-commerce Leader in Poland


Allegro currently has a 57% share of the E-commerce retail market in Poland, with 12 million monthly users, 165 million monthly visits that create 2 billion page views.



Domain Overview of Allegro provided by SEMrush


Allegro market share categories:

• Electronics: 62%
• Home & Garden: 74%
• Child: 71%
• Fashion: 46%

11 million Poles surf the Internet using their smartphones or tablets. Almost 5 million Poles bought a product, service or app using a mobile device and about 35% of Polish buyers use smartphones at some purchase stage.

Allegro mobile application has been downloaded over 6 million times.


Allegro E-Commerce Brand Zone


What the Allegro Brand Zone offers to UK businesses:

• Brand Zone is a part of Allegro Group and a reliable Partner.

• Authorised promotion and sales on

• The largest range on the Polish Internet.

• Attractive form for presenting your offer.

• Option for promo campaigns displayed on and outside the platform as a part of the

• Cost-effective method of sales settlement.

• It provides space for a detailed product description and an option of creating custom category trees.

• Your offer is constantly available within the Zone and on Allegro listings – you do not need
to relist it.

• The Customers are sure they buy a genuine product directly from the manufacturer or authorized seller.

Allegro Brand Zone Account


There are 5 basic steps:

• Registration on Allegro
• Creating PayU Account
• WebAPI integration
• Drafting offer template
• Listing your offer on Allegro

Site: Allegro Brand Zone and make sure you check out Legalities of Polish Online Sales


If you are already trading on Allegro, It would be great to get some feedback from you.