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Google Local Business Listing… SCAM, we work with Google

Google Local Business Listing SCAM reports have escalated dramatically over the last six months.   These Google Local Business Listing Scam call usually start with: we work with Google we are a contractor for Google i work for Google   ….dealing with …   yearly renewals for Google Business Listings free consultations regarding Google Business […]

Ignore Domain Registration Emails:

A client of mine received an email today with the subject : Domain Registrations, coming from the email address: The email itself was written to create a sense of panic, luckily they asked my advice and after a quick check I told them to ignore this rubbish.     IGN Domains Email This was […]

PayDay Loan Update 3.0 or the Intern Update?

Yes … apparently Payday Loan Update 3.0 is rolling out today or what i like to call the Intern Update. Why the intern update?, well Google has made such a big song and dance over this and it has never really caught the spam queries. The first one was unsuccessful, the second and most recent, […]

MyBlogGuest Penalty – Manual Spam Action Revoked in 5 Days

Last week i reported on receiving a manual spam penalty in Google webmaster tools for having published 7 articles from MyBlogGuest. See: MyBlogGuest publishers manual action notices I submitted a reconsideration request, listing the 7 articles, adding “nofollow” to the links. Three of the articles, I later removed through lack of traffic.   5 Days […]