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The Problems with Google Business Name Spam & Naming Violations

Google business listings Name Spam is an ever present problem for businesses in Google results, because an inserted keyword into the business name does have a position advantage within Google Maps. Some of the time it is unintentional spamming by the user who is unaware of any Google My Business guidelines and all his competitors […]

The Day Google’s Spam Algo Died

The Day Google’s Spam Algos died. Literally just stopped working Kaput, Broken, Drunk, Useless and Game Over against Maps Spam and Spam Google business listings. Update: Sept 2018 Over a year and a half of bringing this address spam to Google My Business attention, its still going on and they have not closed this address […]

Are Google My Business Guidelines & Spam Algos Working?

Are Google My Business Guidelines, spam algos and reporting systems working? I think not, but I’ll let you be the judge of that.     The Businesses in Question There are any number of examples I could have picked but the Two business making Four listings in maps are in the same location which should […]

How Google Business Page Spam is Winning in the UK

The Google Spam Team has made great strides over the past year in the US. Businesses that use UPS, Virtual, Mail forwarding address are suspended from Google Maps, yet even when reporting Business Spam listings directly to the Spam team for UK listings, they seemingly can’t seem to get a grip on the situation. Is […]

Local Businesses MUST Check their Images for Google Image Spam

This is another reminder that local businesses must check their Business Pages for Google Image Spam. If local business do not check their images for spam, then you risk the impact to your businesses branding or worse, losing customers to the spam. Update 2022: New spam alert for business via Update for Customers.   Google […]

Google Business Page Suspended for Spam, You May Never Get It Back

Repeated violations and spam suspensions on a Google Business Page can result in complete suspension forever! When you create a business page, you agree to the terms of service which are clearly laid out in the Google My Business Guidelines, yet business owners repeatedly violate these guidelines then post the obligatory “my business is suffering”, “Google […]

When Google Can’t Get A Grip on Hijacked Listings

There are certain industries around the world where hijacked Google business pages are so abundant and so blatant that finding a legitimate business page, is the same as finding a needle in the proverbial haystack. So what happens when Google can’t get a grip on these hijacked listings? Frustrated users step in with this…   […]

Google has Suspended Your Page Due to Quality Issues

You log into your Google Business Page to be greeted with a red banner in your business dashboard saying, “Google has suspended your Page Due to Quality Issues”. This can also happen immediately after entering your verification pin code or a week later, so what the heck is going on ?     You then […]

Report a Problem in Google Maps about Business Pages

Google has updated how to report a problem about a business page that you find listed in Google Maps. Previously the options were to report the business as Permanently Closed. The updated “report a problem”  feature now includes : Permanently Closed Doesn’t Exist Spam Private Moved Elsewhere Duplicate   How to Report a Problem in […]