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GMB Free Websites Used for Spam & Google Cant Remove

Spammers always find new way to spam and their latest stomping ground are the free websites provided by Google My Business for businesses without a website. The only problem is that Google My Business cannot remove these spam websites and are asking users to report these websites to Google – wait what?   Update: Free […]

Vulnerable Addicts at The Mercy Of Rehab Spam in Google

Vulnerable addicts are being left at the mercy of increased Rehab Spam in the UK. This rehab spam comes in the form of lead gen rehab listings where the rehabilitation centre displayed is not an actual treatment centre, rather a referrer to a rehab clinic which may or may not be registered with the Care […]

Revenue SPAM Created by Google Maps for Google Ads

Google Maps announced that you could now find Holiday Lets on Google Maps (they have been working on this since 2017). What is particularly scary about these revenue spam listings is that there is no way to police them, either through “Suggest Edit” or via the Google My Business Spam report.   So @googlemaps announces […]

Stop Spamming Businesses Google #StopCrapOnTheMap Event

This is a NON Event! This non event is intended to ask Google to stop scraping 3rd party sites and injecting this spam into the businesses Google My Business page. It provides no value to users and is becoming ridiculous. You Can Do Better!     Event: Stop Spamming Businesses Google #StopCrapOnTheMap Date: 1st April […]

Google Spamming Business Listings with Irrelevant Events

Mid October Google took the decision to open the floodgates on Events in appearing in the businesses knowledge panel and business listing. Events appearing in the Knowledge Panel have been in existence since 2016 and in order for the businesses event to appear in the knowledge panel, a businesses needed to provide Google with event […]

Reporting Third Party Scammers / Agencies on Google My Business

Today Google My Business announced that they are actively taking action against rouge Third Party Agencies and have created a specific reporting tool. The announcement today also includes the amazing news to all restaurants out there that have been plagued by BeyondMenu (Point Break Media, LLC ).   What a Typical GMB Scam by Third […]

Google Image Spam for Businesses Still Rampant

Its been a while since I reported on Google Image Spam on business listings, but it is still rampant and building points for Google Local Guides to boot. Update 2022: New spam alert for business via Update for Customers.     The fact that Dewan feels confident in using a Local Guide profile shows the […]

Need 10,000 Characters for your Google Business Page Address?

If you happen to have an unusually long business address, say 10,000 characters or more, no need to panic Google My Business accommodates this in the address field, just “add a line”. In case you are wondering how many characters Google My Business allows for your business name, Mike Blumenthal is estimating between 97 & […]