The Day Google’s Spam Algo Died

The Day Google’s Spam Algos died. Literally just stopped working Kaput, Broken, Drunk, Useless and Game Over against Maps Spam and Spam Google business listings. Update: Sept 2018 Over a year and a half of bringing this address spam to Google My Business attention, its still going on and they have not closed this address […]

Google Business Page Suspended for Spam, You May Never Get It Back

Repeated violations and spam suspensions on a Google Business Page can result in complete suspension forever! When you create a business page, you agree to the terms of service which are clearly laid out in the Google My Business Guidelines, yet business owners repeatedly violate these guidelines then post the obligatory “my business is suffering”, “Google […]

Google Local Business Listing… SCAM, we work with Google

Google Local Business Listing SCAM reports have escalated dramatically over the last six months.   These Google Local Business Listing Scam call usually start with: we work with Google we are a contractor for Google i work for Google   ….dealing with …   yearly renewals for Google Business Listings free consultations regarding Google Business […]