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Events in Knowledge Panel with Structured Data

Events appearing in the Knowledge Panel can be extracted from a 3rd Party source or from your own website. Naturally having the event information appear based upon your websites information is far better then Google relying on a third party for the information. In order for Google to use your event information in the knowledge […]

Guide to Hotel Schema, Structured Data and JSON LD for Hotels

Hotel Schema is a set of data that enables hotels and other related hospitality websites to embed structured data onto their sites pages, which allows search engines to clearly understand the information being presented to them. Search engines already understand your site and the information you provide, what schema allows a hotel to do, is […]

Can Superbrands afford to ignore Schema Markup?

Seemingly the worlds Superbrands are choosing to ignore Schema Markup, but can they afford to ignore Schema Markup? On the face of it, even with Google’s new semantic engine called “Hummingbird” Superbrands are seemingly ignoring Semantic Markup. I can only assume that Superbrands believe they can afford to ignore new Schema Markup as they dominate […]