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Hotel Schema Examples

Hotel Schema is a set of data that enables hotels and other related hospitality websites to embed structured data onto their sites pages, which allows search engines to clearly understand the information being presented to them. Search engines already understand your site and the information you provide, what schema allows a hotel to do, is […]

Medical Business Schema Examples

Medical business schema examples for a local business together with service / treatment offered examples. If you are like me and just need some basic medical business schema examples to use and modify without having to shell out on a tool, or tools that don’t actually provide what you need, I did the leg work […]

Subtle Differences of Events & Exhibitions in the Knowledge Panel

With more and more people noticing Events being displayed in the Knowledge Panel (not always correctly) there is a rise in incorrect information being written that assumes Events and Exhibitions being displayed are equal. Putting spam events aside there are subtle differences to Events and Exhibitions.     The Difference Between Events & Exhibitions Although […]

Opportunities for Local Businesses with Structured Data

Between Google trying to become the new home page and stiff competition in search results, you want to make sure that your local business stands out from the crowd when you land on Page 1. I talked about these structured data opportunities in my recent #Optimisey talk (video below) and how local businesses can take […]

Google Spamming Business Listings with Irrelevant Events

Mid October Google took the decision to open the floodgates on Events in appearing in the businesses knowledge panel and business listing. Events appearing in the Knowledge Panel have been in existence since 2016 and in order for the businesses event to appear in the knowledge panel, a businesses needed to provide Google with event […]

Restaurants Schema and Structured Data Markup

Restaurant Schema and Structured Data Markup allows the restaurant to markup their information for search engines to understand the data being presented to them on page. The most basic being the Name and Address of the restaurant to marking up your entire menu or booking options. With the added information that a restaurants Google Business […]

Local Business Structured Data Markup – Local SEO Tips

If you are fed up with trying to wrap Microdata html around your pages content then these Local SEO tips for implementing Local Business structured data markup with JSON-LD is for you. I break down Local Business structured data for a selection of Local Business types that can be amended to suit your business type […]

Using Event Markup & Google Posts to Increase Visibility in Search

Google Posts is a new platform that recently became available for most business categories across the globe. Creating a post on Google using Google My Business permits you to publish information pertinent to your business. You can place events, products and services directly in Google searches and maps.   Google Posts Events Google posts allows […]

Update your Structured Data with Image & priceRange

Google’s Structured Data Testing tool started showing errors messages that included: images and priceRange for LocalBusiness structured data and for @type Hotels, it also showed errors for starRating. This is not an error with the Structured Data Testing tool, as the new fields have also been updated within and if you actually correct the […]

Events in Knowledge Panel with Structured Data

Events appearing in the Knowledge Panel can be extracted from a 3rd Party source or from your own website. Naturally having the event information appear based upon your websites information is far better then Google relying on a third party for the information. In order for Google to use your event information in the knowledge […]