Link Building Tips for Local SEO

There are a lot of myths, debates and misinformation when it comes to search engine optimization in general, and even more confusion about niche areas, in particular local SEO. Links continue to be at the core of all search engine algorithms and are still the best way to increase visibility for your website. For local […]

What is Local SEO?

Ranking in Google is dependent on what: Google feels that a user is looking for, not how many times you have stuffed a phrase onto a page. In an age where Google returns results based upon a persons query and his location, local businesses have a real opportunity to position their businesses locally. What is […]

Choosing a Local SEO Service

As a business you may at some point require a local SEO service, this may be for one of several reasons, from:   Website not performing in search as expected. Website not ranking within local search verticals You want to increase your location / service search results Manual penalty audit and recovery Site Audit for […]

SEO Near Me

Online Ownership takes an honest, straightforward approach to SEO and helping your business stand out online. Not only do we approach each project with integrity, we truly understand the nuances of Search Engine Optimization. Our local SEO consultant, in fact, has been recognised for his expert product knowledge by Google. Local SEO is driven by […]

Local SEO Glossary

Terminology used within the local SEO space. Whilst this SEO glossary covers the more common terms, if you come across something you don’t understand and we have not listed, reach out to us and we will add it to the list with an explanation for you.   Local SEO Glossary   Absolute Link An absolute […]

What Are Business Citations: Business Citation FAQs for Local SEO

With Google moving towards returning localised results for search queries and users beginning to search for longer tail local phrases, the opportunities for local businesses has increased exponentially over the past year. The net result is that businesses must have an online presence if they want to succeed. One single aspect of this local online […]