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Dubai SEO: Business Citation List for Dubai

Online Ownership has just completed a local SEO project for a Dubai business. Whenever we work on local citations, we create a Local Business Citation list, for ease of use, future reference and to provide a helping hand to Businesses embarking on their SEO journey. We started out with a large list and removed the […]

Link Building Tips for Local SEO

There are a lot of myths, debates and misinformation when it comes to search engine optimization in general, and even more confusion about niche areas, in particular local SEO. Links continue to be at the core of all search engine algorithms and are still the best way to increase visibility for your website. For local […]

What is Local SEO?

Ranking in Google is dependent on what: Google feels that a user is looking for, not how many times you have stuffed a phrase onto a page. In an age where Google returns results based upon a persons query and his location, local businesses have a real opportunity to position their businesses locally. What is […]

Niche Service Area Pages within a Town Location

Depending on the business, there may be instances where a business is able to create Niche service area pages to highly target an area within a Town. Given the size of a town there is a finite amount of similar businesses that would be able to operate within it’s location ( 8 plumbers, 4 florists, […]

Estate Agents Local SEO Tips

Estate Agents operate in a highly competitive online space, not only from other estate agents but the dominance of listing aggregators. The thing that separates an estate agent apart from a listing aggregator is the local area within which they operate and building a solid local SEO strategy, together with local data points.   Estate […]

SEO Can’t Help with Poor Business Practice

There is no amount of SEO, Marketing and Advertising that can help a business that has poor customer service, unless they are willing to acknowledge the elephant in the room.     A recent personal interaction with Firebox demonstrates this perfectly. I love Firebox, they have wonderful products and I love the brand. So there […]

Choosing a Local SEO Service

As a business you may at some point require a local SEO service, this may be for one of several reasons, from:   Website not performing in search as expected. Website not ranking within local search verticals You want to increase your location / service search results Manual penalty audit and recovery Site Audit for […]

Is your SEO strategy working?

Is your SEO strategy working for you in 2016? The SEO strategy that your business should be following is dependent on the nature and goals of the business, from businesses that only serve the Northampton area, to business that are located in Northampton that serve a wider area, perhaps even nationally.   Is Your SEO […]

Does your Site Satisfy your Consumers Intent?

According to Think with Google, marketers who rely solely on demographics may be missing out on as much as 70% of potential mobile shoppers. While demographics are certainly useful, they do not tell the entire customer story. More powerful than demographics is customer intent. When brands understand customer intent, they stand to reach more customers […]