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Local Business SEO Checklist for Christmas

The countdown to Christmas is in full swing and its time to make sure your local business will be Christmas ready and optimized. Online visibility is crucial for local businesses whether that be In-Store or Online sales, so get cracking with our local SEO Checklist for Christmas. This checklist assumes you as a local business […]

Local SEO Branding Project with 2 Week Deadline

The ideal situation for any business launching a website, would be to work with a local SEO consultant to have all the fundamental elements in place prior to launch, however most businesses only realise they need an SEO consultant when the search results don’t align with their expectations. This business had launched the site 1 […]

Local SEO Case Study: UAE, Dubai Business – 6 Months

This local SEO case study looks at a recent project we worked on for a translation company based in Dubai, UAE. This market is fairly competitive, small traffic with AdWords CPC quite high. This case study also looks at cultural issues we encountered along the way, together with normal business mistakes made the world over. […]

New Knowledge Panel Direct Edit Layout in Search Results

New Knowledge Panel direct edit layout in Search results has been updated to include adding photos and access to the business pages dashboard.   In January 2016 Google updated the Knowledge Panel to allow business info edits direct in search results: See Original Update As before, to see this feature you need to be logged […]

Web Designer for your Business in Northamptonshire

How to find the right website designer is a question I get asked all the time by Local SEO clients. Like any business decision, you need to ask questions, you need to find out if this designer is going to build a site that will be an asset to the business, or an expensive mistake. […]

Mobile Site Design Best Practices

Last year mobile search exceeded desktop searches and Google recently announced that 20% of mobile searches were made with voice and 30% of all mobile searches carry a local intent. So how can you benefit from this increasing use of mobile search. In light of the rise in mobile searches, Google undertook a research study […]

Local SEO: How to Dominate the Search Results

Typically when I meet a client and I ask them what would you like to achieve from a Local SEO campaign their answer includes, “I want to rank Position 1 or Page 1”. Why settle for ranking in position 1 and only attracting 30 – 35% of potential traffic, when you can completely dominate the […]

Local Online Advertising for Small Businesses: Why You Should Do It

Digital technology has provide businesses and companies in the world the ability to conduct their operations more efficiently. It’s easier to sell items, maintain client lists, communicate with partners, suppliers and customers, and even provide valuable service. It also has elevated and improved marketing and advertising efforts. Despite its popularity, there’s still quite a number of […]

Knowledge Graph Displacing Business Knowledge Panels

The new Knowledge Graph layout that was rolled out last week is today displacing Business Knowledge Panels, but not for all businesses. Is this an April fools or part of wider bugs being reported with business pages disappearing from maps and local packs. The Business Information has been removed from the Knowledge Panel and replaced […]