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Knowledge Graph & Knowledge Panel Both Appearing in Search Results

Today I noticed that one of my clients had both the Knowledge Graph and Knowledge Panel appearing for the business in search results. Typically these are not separate entities but combined within the businesses knowledge panel. The site does not have Organization structured data on site but LocalBusiness structured data which includes SameAs fields for […]

Local SEO Myths and Ranking in the Local Pack

Ranking in local 3 pack is algorithmically determined by Google and when there are unknown variables there are assumptions made by Local SEO’s based on what Google says and results they see, which leads to the inevitable local SEO myths being picked up and followed.   What Google Says about Ranking in the Local Pack […]

Using Google Posts for Local Business Effectively

Google Posts launched in July 2017 for local businesses to use within the Google My Business platform (your Google business listing).Google Posts allows you to publish events, products and services directly and instantly in Search (your Businesses Knowledge Panel) and Maps (within Maps Local Finder). There are a few quirks to Google Posts, like the […]

Local Business Structured Data Markup – Local SEO Tips

If you are fed up with trying to wrap Microdata html around your pages content then these Local SEO tips for implementing Local Business structured data markup with JSON-LD is for you. I break down Local Business structured data for a selection of Local Business types that can be amended to suit your business type […]

Local SEO: Search Ranking Factors 2017

For the past several years, Moz has been conducting annual surveys concerning SEO factors. Those surveyed are known to be experts in Local SEO field. They are asked to rank the SEO factors in several categories order of importance when it comes to ranking well in the Google’s local search results. In 2017, the survey […]

Increase Traffic by Targeting Search Queries & Google Answer Boxes

You have done your keyword research, optimised your pages and website and you are doing well organically for your related keywords. The next step is to increase your traffic by targeting search queries and building your business branding with Google answer boxes or rich answers. Finding and Targeting Search Queries Over time your sites content […]

What is Google’s Mobile-First Index and impact on SERPS?

Mobile traffic is becoming increasingly important to Google. It’s now estimated that over 50% of searches on Google are performed using mobile devices. This development has prompted Google to start seriously considering mobile as a more important landscape to optimise for compared to the desktop PC. Google has recently mentioned that they will use a […]