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Hotel Affiliate Site Hijacking Hotels GMB Listings

Hotel Affiliate site is currently hijacking hotels Google My Business listings and replacing their official website URL with their own links. I was alerted to this by Craig Harkins and the #StopCrapOnTheMap hashtag that the Local SEO community uses to alert each other of local shenanigans. is suggesting edits to hotel GMB […]

How Google Exploits the Hospitality Industry for Profit

The hospitality industry is being exploited by Google for their own profit. To be clear this article is not about regular search results where thousands of pages compete in an algorithmic mash up, this is for the actual brand or name search of the business and the associated Google business listing that the hotel manages […]

Hotels Own Booking & Prices Appearing in Knowledge Panel

Hotels Knowledge Panels are now displaying the hotels own booking link and prices in the Knowledge Panel. Traditionally this space was reserved for OTA’s (online travel agents) that used AdWords and then charged the hotel a commission based on booking. Although this is through an AdWords framework called Google Hotel Ads, it is the first time I […]

Is Google Guessing the Hotel Amenities in Knowledge Panel?

Hotel amenities started appearing in the knowledge panel in June 2015 which were a very nice addition to the knowledge panel. Google told us that they extracted these from OTAs, but how?. Hotel amenities structured data is yet to be validated and none of the OTAs are marking up the amenities, even star ratings for […]

Key to Hotel SEO is Reinforcing your Locality

The key element in any Hotel SEO is reinforcing your location across your online property. A hotels physical location is one of the primary factors that underpins a customers search when looking for a Hotel, Bed & Breakfast or Guesthouse.     The hotels physical location is used to underpin other key location based characteristics that research […]

Guide to Hotel Schema, Structured Data and JSON LD for Hotels

Hotel Schema is a set of data that enables hotels and other related hospitality websites to embed structured data onto their sites pages, which allows search engines to clearly understand the information being presented to them. Search engines already understand your site and the information you provide, what schema allows a hotel to do, is […]

Northampton Hotel SEO Site Audit

The hotel market, local or otherwise, is one of the most competitive online spaces to compete in. This local Northampton SEO audit looks at the market space “hotels in Northampton” to see how a local hotel can compete against OTA’s ( Online Travel Agents ). This SEO audit will also be useful to other local […]

Tips for Hotel Marketing & Infographic

Online marketing, is about marketing a product online.   Online Marketing Streams : Search engine marketing is where you optimise/market your website to have better search engine page results. Social media marketing involves Facebook, Twitter and Google+.  There is also online advertising and affiliate marketing. This guide for hotel online marketing creates a solid foundation for search engine marketing. The […]

Hotel Online Marketing Strategies

Marketing plays an important role in every business, but especially for hotels. Hotels are unlike other businesses in the sense that they have to use some slightly different strategies in terms of marketing and promotion. It is very much a word of mouth phenomenon, but there are a number of hotel online marketing strategies that […]

Niche Luxury Hotel Marketing Online

Online marketing for luxury hotels is a niche area where marketing companies must understand the clients who use these hotels. The marketer aims to increase occupancy and spending by luxury hotel guests. These goals for the client can be achieved by using various tools in the marketer’s toolbox, including creative writing, great photography, excellent video, […]