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Google Posts Now Available in Hotels Business Profiles

Google Posts are now available in to use in Hotels Google Business Profiles, albeit with some limitations. After months of posts appearing and disappearing, right up until our PE Fri 10th meeting, this was classed as unintended. However Saturday morning Joy Hawkins noticed that Google had updated support docs with post for hotels.   Whoa, […]

Hotel Schema Examples

Hotel Schema is a set of data that enables hotels and other related hospitality websites to embed structured data onto their sites pages, which allows search engines to clearly understand the information being presented to them. Search engines already understand your site and the information you provide, what schema allows a hotel to do, is […]

Updates to Hotel Attributes in Google My Business

This is a timely reminder to hotels to check for any new updates to their attributes in Google My Business.     Attribute Updates Updates are available across all sections: Internet Food and drink Policies & payments Activities Services Children Pools Parking & transport Wellness Accessibility Business & events Pets   Some New Features Ability […]

The Hotel Industry Needs to Purge Themselves of Google & OTA’s

The hotel industry is being decimated currently during COVID-19 and its high time the hotel industry purges themselves of Google and Online Travel Agents (OTA). Well, okay not so much Google but if they organised themselves they could give Google a spanking it will not forget for their treatment by Google during this unprecedented time. […]

C’mon Google – Time to Allow Hotels to Use Google Posts

C’mon Google My Business, its high time you allow Hotels to use Google Posts in this time of COVID-19 where quarantined guests need information more then ever. There are currently hundreds of thousands of people quarantined inside hotels and Google is still resisting enabling of Google Posts for hotels, you can see what they restrict […]

Changes to Hotel Categories in Google My Business

Yesterday (6th August 2019) some hotel categories available in Google My Business were removed. They had been restricting newly verified listings the ability to add old categories for the past month, yesterday they removed them all for currently verified listings. Google did say that removed categories would be replaced with new similar categories, however this […]

Revenue SPAM Created by Google Maps for Google Ads

Google Maps announced that you could now find Holiday Lets on Google Maps (they have been working on this since 2017). What is particularly scary about these revenue spam listings is that there is no way to police them, either through “Suggest Edit” or via the Google My Business Spam report.   So @googlemaps announces […]