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Competition Markets Authority Action on Fake Online Reviews

The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) is a governmental administrative agency of the United Kingdom (UK) established to promote business competition and to prevent anti-competitive activities. The CMA began operations in April 2014. In unfair competition situations affecting consumer choice, the CMA enforces consumer protection legislation.   The Total SEO Case   In March 2016 […]

Embedded Maps Bug for Businesses Reviews

UPDATE: 20th January 2016 Bug has been fixed and we are all good to go ! UPDATE: 1st Dec 2015 “Thank you for the report, we have sent it to the relevant team” Original Report: Reports of a bug with the Embedded Maps are circulating in the Help forums this afternoon, specifically the reviews attached […]

Change to Review Summary Snippets in Knowledge Panel

Somewhere in the last 24 hrs Google changed ( is testing ) the display of Review Summary Snippets in the knowledge panel.   Business Review Summary Snippets in Knowledge Panel   New Review Summary Display   Current Summary Display   Not Sure What Happened Here.   It looks like the reviews are now segmented into […]

How to Link to your Google Business Page Reviews

Reviews help customers in their final purchase journey. Reviews for a business or product has shown to increase conversions by 28% and being a Local business, reviews on your Google My Business Page are an important part of your improving your local businesses visibility and of course customer purchasing confidence.   Direct Link for Google […]

How to Report Reviews for Google Business Page

Google now provides business page owners with a direct method of reporting reviews on a Google business page. Previously to this update, a business page owners only option was to flag the review in their business page and hope that it made its way to a reviewer.     Update 2016: Reporting Reviews on a […]

Google Business Reviews Bug in Knowledge Panel

UPDATE: It’s official, review snippets in the Business Page Knowledge Panel is broken. Over 12 months ago I reported this issue with a single negative review that is over 2yrs old being parsed into 3 review snippets in the businesses Knowledge Panel. About 3 months ago it looked to be getting better, with the top […]