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Google’s Review Spam Algo, What Algo?

Google apparently has an Algorithm that detects fake and spam reviews. This supposed algo detects copied reviews, fake reviews, reviews from same IP, it should also detect unusually large amounts of reviews added to a business listing compared to other similar listings. Well you can sling that all out the window, because I have come […]

Google Reviews Need a Yelp Check

Google Reviews have become a thorn in the side of businesses and Google seems to be drowning. You only have to take a look at the Google My Business forum to see the review complaints. Yes I understand that millions of reviews are made a day and business can “flag inappropriate reviews“, good luck with […]

Think Before you Post a Damaging or Fake Online Review

Statistics show that around 25 million consumers in the UK rely on business reviews on the Web to make financial decisions regarding goods and services. Product review sections are among the more popular tools that buyers use before choosing a product or booking a particular hotel. A 2015 report by Reevo, which is a content […]

Why Most Fake Google Business Reviews will Never be Removed

The single biggest reason that businesses are losing faith in Google My Business is the rise in fake business reviews, Google My Businesses seemingly incompatible review policies and the near impossibility of having a fake review being removed. It has gotten so bad in the Google My Business forums with fake reviews reporting, that unless […]

Are Google My Business Guidelines & Spam Algos Working?

Are Google My Business Guidelines, spam algos and reporting systems working? I think not, but I’ll let you be the judge of that.     The Businesses in Question There are any number of examples I could have picked but the Two business making Four listings in maps are in the same location which should […]

New Critics Reviews Displayed in Google Business Pages

Starting today in the US,  Critics Reviews are being displayed in Google Business Pages. Mobile display is very refined and looks great, whilst the business Knowledge Panel in search looks like an after thought and will hopefully improve design wise. I also spotted a Quick Facts section displayed in the business info panel in desktop […]

Google Maps has Lost the Spam War and They Explain Why

This morning reading another expose on Google Maps Spam, this time about Drug Rehab Centers by KrebsonSecurity I realised that Google Maps has lost the Spam war. As a Google My Business TC I literally live on Google Maps and Google My Business, not only is it for my local SEO clients but also my […]

Cincinnati Zoo and Google My Business Review Bot

After the tragic events at Cincinnati Zoo there has been an outpouring of grief and anger, naturally this has led to negative reviews being places on the Cincinnati Zoo’s Google business page. Over the past week there have been hundreds of negative 1 star reviews left on the Google business page, so where is the […]