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Google My Business Reviews Being Removed

A Google review can be removed from your Google My Business listing for a number of reasons, from automatic spam detection, account suspension to simply being deleted by the user. The usual question we see is, “Why are my Google My Business reviews being removed / missing?” and the crucial misunderstanding in that question is […]

Fake Review Network Patterns Still Being Missed by Google

Fake Reviews have plagued Google My Business for the past 10yrs and with the increasing amount of fake review networks being created (to sell fake reviews to businesses) the problem seems to be out of control. Google My Business tackles these both manually and algorithmically, but as any regular reader knows, I typically call out […]

Google Review Link for Service Area Business Listings

Finding or manually creating a Google review link for service area business (SAB) listings is quite frankly a pain in the ass, that is until I came across a new Google Review tool and generating your google review link could not be easier. Whats more, unlike some of the other tools available, it does not […]

How Long Do Flagged Google Reviews Take to Be Removed

How long do Google Reviews that have been flagged as inappropriate take to be removed? The process of flagging the review in theory follows a simple route. You flag the review as inappropriate (violating a particular guideline) this then gets queue’d up for a human to look at and decide if the review does violate […]