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Google My Business Guide for Restaurants

Google My Business has become the online entrance for customers into a restaurant. Google provides a restaurant knowledge panel for branded searches and also returns local packs for searchers on types of restaurants in a location. Google My Business is a window into your restaurant providing customers with information from, opening hours, busy times, menu, […]

Ranking Effect of Changing Local GMB Listing to SAB Listing

For whatever reasons there has been an uptick in users asking, “Will it affect my rankings if I change my Google My Business page to a SAB (service area business) listing?”. My answer (under certain circumstances) is no, your rankings should not be affected and to show this I switched my local business page to […]

Changes to Hotel Categories in Google My Business

Yesterday (6th August 2019) some hotel categories available in Google My Business were removed. They had been restricting newly verified listings the ability to add old categories for the past month, yesterday they removed them all for currently verified listings. Google did say that removed categories would be replaced with new similar categories, however this […]

How to Change a Local Listing to a Service Area Listing (SAB)

Changing a local listing (address visible) to a service area business (address hidden) is pretty straightforward although not as intuitive as the previous iteration of the Google My Business dashboard.   Change Local Listing to SAB Listing You do need access to the Google My Business Listing, if you have not claimed ownership, then you […]

How to Add Products Inventory to a Google Business Listing

Product Inventory in Google My Business is coming out of Beta and should becoming to your dashboard near you soon with the usual exclusions being lodging categories. The product menu works exactly like the restaurant menu and services menu. The main difference is that the Products Inventory section is not within the “info” section, but […]

Products Inventory (Beta) in Google My Business Dashboard

Products Menu (Beta) available in the Google My Business dashboard. This allows small businesses to be able to add products manually to their business listing and is visible in mobile search. This allows the small businesses that do not have the ability to integrate product feeds via Google merchant and or use Pointy, that automatically […]

Hotel Affiliate Site Hijacking Hotels GMB Listings

Hotel Affiliate site is currently hijacking hotels Google My Business listings and replacing their official website URL with their own links. I was alerted to this by Craig Harkins and the #StopCrapOnTheMap hashtag that the Local SEO community uses to alert each other of local shenanigans. is suggesting edits to hotel GMB […]