Google Building Attributes for Businesses

In August Google announced that the Introduction and Description field is no longer editable in Google My Business. It is only displayed to users in Google+ and can still be edited in The announcement included a tidbit on Attributes, “Editing of attributes, coming soon to all Google My Business views, will be an improved […]

6 Tips to Prevent Locksmith Business Page being Suspended

Google My Business is cracking down on locksmith spam business pages and the screws are tightening. We have seen a dramatic reduction of locksmiths pages appearing in Map listings, great for users and legitimate local businesses, but there are increasing cases of innocent locksmiths having their account suspended for spammy behavior.     There are […]

Correct Business Details that are Incorrect in Google Results

Business details that appear incorrectly in Google results are extracted from Google local business pages, formerly Google places. Pre 2015 Google used to scrape websites that displayed business details and auto generate a business page for the business. This practice has been stopped after businesses failed to claim their pages leaving hundreds of thousands of […]

Edit your Business Knowledge Panel direct in Search

You can now edit your business knowledge panel details directly from search results. In order for you to edit the business knowledge panel direct in search, you need to be: The owner or manager of the business page Logged into the associated Google account   Spotted by Priya Chandra   Business Knowledge Panel Direct Edit   […]

Why Does Google Not Trust Business Owners?

I find it really odd that Google does not trust business owners, especially on verified business pages. We see this happen all the time with verified business pages: Changing opening hours, because a directory listing somewhere has different hours listed Adding descriptors into business description summaries Even moving location Pin markers And now Holiday Hours […]