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Updates to Hotel Attributes in Google My Business

This is a timely reminder to hotels to check for any new updates to their attributes in Google My Business.     Attribute Updates Updates are available across all sections: Internet Food and drink Policies & payments Activities Services Children Pools Parking & transport Wellness Accessibility Business & events Pets   Some New Features Ability […]

Verification FAQs for Google My Business

Verification is probably one of the largest issues that I deal with as a Google my Business Product Expert. What should be a relatively pain free process of creating or claiming to verifying a business listing can often come off the rails when something happens within the process of verifying the listing. Most problems regarding […]

Editing a Closed Google My Business Listing

There are occasions when you need to make an edit to a closed Google My Business listing. With a closed business listing you have to mark the listing as OPEN – wait for this to be applied (if at all) then suggest the edit, wait for it to be approved (normal system process) – then […]

Google My Business Guide for Restaurants

Google My Business has become the online entrance for customers into a restaurant. Google provides a restaurant knowledge panel for branded searches and also returns local packs for searchers on types of restaurants in a location. Google My Business is a window into your restaurant providing customers with information from, opening hours, busy times, menu, […]

Ranking Effect of Changing Local GMB Listing to SAB Listing

For whatever reasons there has been an uptick in users asking, “Will it affect my rankings if I change my Google My Business page to a SAB (service area business) listing?”. My answer (under certain circumstances) is no, your rankings should not be affected and to show this I switched my local business page to […]

Changes to Hotel Categories in Google My Business

Yesterday (6th August 2019) some hotel categories available in Google My Business were removed. They had been restricting newly verified listings the ability to add old categories for the past month, yesterday they removed them all for currently verified listings. Google did say that removed categories would be replaced with new similar categories, however this […]

How to Change a Local Listing to a Service Area Listing (SAB)

Changing a local listing (address visible) to a service area business (address hidden) is pretty straightforward although not as intuitive as the previous iteration of the Google My Business dashboard.   Change Local Listing to SAB Listing You do need access to the Google My Business Listing, if you have not claimed ownership, then you […]