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Google Business Images Keep Being Rejected? Try This

A host of Google Business Profile categories find it challenging to post business images onto their profile because they contain too much skin for Google’s liking. Some of these business types include: Beauty Salons, Hairdressers, Nail Salons, Tattoo Artists, Cosmetic Surgery etc   Post Images from Another Account Posting an image to a business via […]

Can’t Find Your Free Google Business Site, Try This

You have probably noticed that if you have a website already linked to your Google Business Profile, the link to create a free business site option is now missing in NMX interface. I create Google business site for profiles as a business citation that is directly connected to my profile and updates when your profile […]

Google Business Profile Reinstatement & Progress Report Bug

Just when you thought the problems with Google Business Profile reinstatements could not get worse, the progress refresh bug appears. Unless you have been hiding under a rock Google Business Profiles have seen an unprecedented spike in suspensions over the past 4 months, which of course has led to a large amount of reinstatement requests […]

Google Posts Now Available in Hotels Business Profiles

Google Posts are now available in to use in Hotels Google Business Profiles, albeit with some limitations. After months of posts appearing and disappearing, right up until our PE Fri 10th meeting, this was classed as unintended. However Saturday morning Joy Hawkins noticed that Google had updated support docs with post for hotels.   Whoa, […]

What are Justifications in Local Search?

Local Search is really catching up with Traditional Search Results where Google is working really hard to match user intent in the local pack, local finder and maps, which are generated from Google my Business profiles. (Yup – Google My Business now refers to listings / pages as profiles)   What are Local Justifications? Justifications […]