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UK E-Commerce Opportunities in Poland with Allegro

There is a large untapped opportunity for UK businesses to expand into Poland’s rapidly growing E-Commerce and M-Commerce markets. Poland currently has the largest growing share in the E-Commerce retail market year on year at 22.6%, US on 14.5% and UK at 15.8%.   In 2014 the Polish e-commerce market was worth about PLN 30 […]

How E-commerce sites can leverage their Amazon & Ebay stores

Small e-commerce sites often have Amazon and Ebay stores running in conjunction with their own e-commerce site. By selling their products on Amazon and Ebay, small e-commerce sites increase their sales potential whilst building their own Brand recognition. We look at two areas that small e-commerce site running an Amazon and Ebay store should pay […]

E-Commerce Guidelines for UK Online Businesses

Are you blindly believing that the developer you chose to create your E-Commerce site is aware of best practice and UK laws regarding E-Commerce guidelines?. As the owner of an E-Commerce store, you need to be aware of guidelines regarding online sales. In UK law some elements must be applied in online contracts for them […]

Luxury Brands E-Commerce Sales Up by 6%

Luxury brands are starting to embrace the world of e-commerce. In fact, when it comes shopping online, they may be one of the last ones to get onboard. Chanel, known for their attractive clothes and purses, only offers their beauty products and fragrances online for purchase. You won’t find an available Birkin handbag anywhere online […]

Are Delivery Options Part of Your E-Commerce Strategy?

E-commerce is a fast paced environment and improving conversion rates is a vital part of success for any online retailer and Delivery Options  and Delivery Charges should be part of an E-commerce strategy.   E-Com Delivery Facts : About 70 percent of all online retailers offer next day shipping. One-fifth of all e-commerce sites offer […]

Ecommerce SEO Tips for Business in 2012

A consensus of SEO’s say that retailers in 2012 should concentrate on the share ability of their products and services on their website. Because social networks have become such mainstream necessities with customers, focusing on share ability as a priority just makes smart business sense. Making smaller bite-sized snippets of information is a must. Snippets […]