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Negative SEO has become more and more menacing online in the last 12 months. In April 2012 Google released a Link Based algorithm Penguin (see Penguin in link building section) which was intended to remove and penalise websites that “paid for” links to their website.

The basic premise of Negative SEO is to point links at a competitor’s website. Under the Google Penguin algorithm, this site would then be penalised for low quality, “paid for” links.

There is a large section of the SEO community that has taken Google’s view, that Negative SEO does not exist and if it was attempted, then the Google would recognise this.

However we at Online Ownership have tracked many Negative SEO and Black Hat hacking of sites with the sole intention of having a site penalised. One of our tracking’s lead to the Payday loans investigation on Sky News.

There is even a site ranking for “Negative SEO” that offers this service, to “kill” your competitors site with Links.

As any responsible SEO company we monitor your sites health, links pointing to your site, and any hacking scripts being added to your site.

To check if your site has been penalised, check for an Unnatural Links warning in Google Webmaster Tools.


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