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Online Ownership looks for meaningful link building opportunities within your market sector. We do not build links for immediate gain.

Online Ownership will consider building a link if the link is going to enhance the user experience and crucially drive traffic to your site.

We do not offer packages to build X amount of links per month, before you consider doing this please look at Google’s Guidelines on links

Natural Link Building SEO


Natural Link Building

This process, also known as back links, requires a multifaceted approach. The desired result is a balanced, natural and large number of useful incoming links pointing to a web page. The quality, quantity, type and diversity of such links greatly determine resulting rankings within search engine result pages (SERPs).

Without proper link building, the best designed, targeted, search engine optimised and content-rich site may fail to meet traffic goals.

Creating a “natural” link building profile is created by marketing useful and informative site content. Blog and News content published on site is a crucial part of creating natural and meaningful links back to your site.

Natural Link Building

Search engines consider each inbound link to a web page as an endorsement or a vote of confidence in its content. However, the value of each link varies and is determined by many factors some of which change over time. Factors include Page Rank, neighbourhood, context, subject matter, type, anchor text and quality of the link source as well as quantity, diversity and link velocity. The combined impact of such factors means that one high-quality, valuable link can equate to hundreds or thousands of poorly sourced links.

Obtaining and executing a link acquisition plan involves understanding these factors as well as avoiding search-engine discouraged techniques which can result in a loss of rankings.


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Services

Online Ownership offers bespoke SEO services,  for your site,  budget and business


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