Content Marketing

Search Engines have an insatiable thirst for content.

Search Engines use content provided to them to associate you website with searchable terms. Search Engines judge your site based on the content provided to users, they judge your site based on the interaction that the user has with the site content. They judge your site by the level of engagement that a user has with your site content.


Create Unique, User Engaging Content


Content Marketing


The web is built on content and like a building it needs a solid foundation of content to build a stronger, taller structure.

Without providing useful, meaningful, regular content, your site will not rise in the search results.


Create Original Content


Site Content needs to be original, quality content. In November 2011, Google launched Google Panda.

Google Panda is a content based algorithm, that filters sites with:

  • Low quality content – poorly written
  • Duplicate content – is this content original or copied from another source?
  • Thin content – does the content serve a purpose, one-liner to describe a product?


Online Ownership will guide you through the process of building unique, quality content and structuring.


Content Marketing


This is the single most effective tool in increasing traffic, natural links and an increase in rankings within search engines.

Marketing your content online for increased:

  • Rankings
  • Social signals
  • Brand awareness
  • Traffic
  • User engagement & experience

Online Ownership will work with you to improve the content and structure of the content on site. We will develop a content marketing strategy that compliments your site and target market. We will identify content that users want to read and engage with.


Off-site benefits of content marketing:

  • Creates authority signals to search engines
  • Creates authorship authority
  • Builds natural links back to site

We will work with your team to help them understand the possibilities and potential of content creation or we will handle your content marketing for you.


Online Ownership offers bespoke SEO and content marketing service,  for your site,  budget and business


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