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Northampton Business Citations List

As part of a Northampton SEO campaign, Online Ownership will build up your business’s citations to enhance your local search profile and your local data points. Local citations feature in the top 20 local search ranking criteria and a local ranking recommendation in Google My Business.


Northampton Local Business Citations

A Local citation is a reference to your business from another online source. This citation in ideal cases include Business Name, Address and Phone Number ( NAP ). These can be linked via your business name or just referenced without an actual link to your site.

To benefit your Nothampton SEO strategy, you should always keep your NAP information consistent across all your own properties, including your Google Local Page. When building a business citation, you must provide your exact NAP details. The more consistent the information is across the web, the better the citation flow.


Northampton Business Citations List


Look for opportunities for business citations. This could include, but is not limited to, local newspapers, TV and radio stations, or your local Chamber of Commerce. Many times, these outlets have plenty of citation opportunities available to smaller businesses.


Northamptonshire Business Citations


And finally expanding to some high authority UK Business Listings.


UK, National Business Citations



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NAP Consistency: Name, Address, Phone Number

Make sure that the NAP on your local business profile is identical to what is on your website.

If for any reason your NAP is in an image, be sure that they have a corresponding alt tag with the information showing in either text or number format, and have the phone number displayed elsewhere on your page.

As for conventional SEO, it is important to optimise your landing pages for local key words. You also need to include your business name, targeted local keywords and the business location. This means that meta title, meta description, opening H1, image alt tags and on-page copy are included. Just like traditional SEO, your pages need to be optimised naturally and not overloaded with your keywords. Just promote your business naturally.

Industry experts believe that citations and reviews are two of the biggest contributing factors to strong, local search based rankings.

Local business citations are a significant factor in local SEO ranking and are viewed similar to how backlinks in traditional SEO are viewed. These citations show that the company is an established place of business.

Growing and building a successful business online in Northampton, requires more than traditional marketing and advertising campaigns. Understanding the benefits of online marketing and the use of local SEO, is imperative to expanding a business regardless of the industry you are working in or the target demographic you want to reach.

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Northampton SEO Recap

Steps that you need to take to improve your local SEO:

  • Create a Google business profile ( My Business Page ), fill it out accurately and get it verified.
  • Pay attention to your website’s SEO factors. Make sure they are optimized.
  • Build up NAP listings when and wherever possible.
  • Build useful and relevant links.
  • Talk to all of your customers about writing reviews.

Online Ownership provides a bespoke local SEO service, give us a no obligation call to see if we can help your business.