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Online Ownership takes an honest, straightforward approach to SEO and helping your business stand out online. Not only do we approach each project with integrity, we truly understand the nuances of Search Engine Optimization. Our local SEO consultant, in fact, has been recognised for his expert product knowledge by Google.

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Local SEO is driven by the same ideas and practices as traditional SEO with a vital difference that actually gives the edge to small businesses. The businesses location!


Time to Find a Local SEO Service Nearby


The time to find a local SEO provider near you is when:

  • Website is not performing in search as expected
  • You have been with your current SEO provider for 6 or more months
  • You want to expand your service area locations
  • You have an in-house SEO and require an audit
  • Website is not positioned in local search
  • Your web designer sold you a “SEO” upgrade
  • You received a manual penalty notice
  • You are launching a new product

SEO at its base level is about optimising a website for search engines to be able to: Crawl, Understand and Position the websites pages in search results. The most basic element would be the right keywords and phrases on page, titles and descriptions that engage a searcher, and a intuitive site structure.

This doesn’t mean that when someone Googles “couch,” that they want their couch to be on top. Such an endeavor would be a waste of resources in terms of time and money. However, being at the top of the list, or at least the first page, when someone Googles “black leather couch” is a very real possibility when the right efforts and practices are put into place.

The end goal of SEO is to do two things: get customers to a businesses website and make the website easy to use. If a customer can’t figure out what they want to in the first few seconds on a website, they generally look elsewhere. Keeping everything functional and intuitive can save headaches on both ends.


What to Expect from a Local SEO Service


Online Ownership provides an ethical SEO and SEM consulting service. We research your site, your competitors, technical aspects and marketing goals. Local SEO at Online Ownership includes technical corrections, on site optimisation, content creation and marketing, all designed to provide maximum effectiveness based on ROI.

Local SEO Near Me

Keywords Research


Your websites visibility depends on how Search Engines understand and interpret what your site and business is about.

Researching keywords that relate to your business, the demand and usage of these keywords provides valuable insight into what your customers are searching for and how to position your business for these searches.

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Site Audit and Development


Online Ownership will provide your web developer with the necessary changes required to optimise your website to Google’s recommended guidelines.

Most developers have a basic understanding on SEO, but as SEO specialists we are keenly aware of any new developments within browser and search developments.


Business Citations


Online Ownership looks for meaningful link building opportunities within your market sector. We provide a full business citation package including national, regional and niche sites.

There are both structured and unstructured citations. Structured citations appear on business directory-type websites. They will typically have a number of fields to complete and will present the information in a specific format. An unstructured citation will most often appear on news or blog-type websites. The format of these is not stipulated, and often varies a great deal depending on who created the citation.

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Local SEO Strategy


SEO is not a one off activity, it takes time for search engines to understand changes made to a website, equally it takes time to achieve your objectives. A typical local SEO campaign takes around 120 days to start seeing local results. No matter what SEO package you begin with Online Ownership, your website remains our primary objective.

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