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SEO Leicester: Leicester Citations for Local Business

Working on your Local SEO, and looking for a source for Local Citations for your Leicester Business? Online Ownership has got you covered.

Whenever we work on local citations, we create a Local Citation list, for ease of use, and future reference and to provide a helping hand to Businesses embarking on their SEO journey.

Leicester Citations

Before you rush out and start building, some things to Note:

This is a list of general business directories in Leicester, take the time to check if there are also, trade specific business directories for your specific business.

To benefit your local SEO strategy, you should always keep your NAP information consistent across all your own properties, including your Google Business Page. If you build a citation you must provide your exact NAP details. The more consistent the information is across the web, the better the citation flow. It will also save you hours of frustration trying to clean up incorrect listings.

NAP Format: Business Name, Address & Phone Number


Local Business Citations for Leicester



Useful Business Resources for Leicester Businesses



Leicestershire Business Directories / Citations



UK Business Directories / Citations



Tips when building Business Directories / Citations


  • Create a new email address just for you outreach, you dont want emails clogging up your main inbox
  • Dont link to a site that want a link back.
  • Keep all your NAP information the same.
  • Do not copy and paste your business description, write something great for each site.
  • Keep it relevant, don’t go looking for random directories to add your site to


Other Citation Sources


  • Trade Association
  • Chamber of Commerce
  • Social Media Business Profiles
  • Profile Pages on websites you contribute to
  • Trade Reviews


Research Competitor Citations

Have a look at your competitors citations to see where they have been mentioned, reach out to these sites for inclusion.

Local SEO Citation Search


Take your time finding relevant sources for a local citation. This is not about ranking your site based upon citations, this is about building trust and local relevance signals.

Online Ownership provides a bespoke local SEO service, give us a call to discuss your business requirements.