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Restaurants Frustrations with No Dine-In Being Displayed in Business Listings


The Dine-in attribute has been expanded to all food and drink categories.

In order to edit this:

  1. Go to the Info section within your GMB profile and click the edit pencil next to Accessibility
  2. Scroll to the bottom where it says ‘Service Options’. Do not rely on the search box.
  3. You will see the ability to enable Dine-in. Click this until it turns blue with a check mark
  4. This may be under review for a few hours so give it some time before it displays


Dine-In Attributes Fixed


There is growing frustration from restaurants with Google My Business because their restaurant listing is showing that Dine-In is not available ( X Dine-In )

Dine-In Attribute Not Available for Restaurants in Google My Business - Online Ownership

With restaurants around the world struggling to keep afloat, this is probably the worst kind of display possible on your Google My Business listing.


Why Display X Dine-In?

When countries locked down and restaurant where closed globally but allowed to continue operating via Take Away and Delivery, Google My Business got to work to display this to users. Dine-In not available, but Take Away and Delivery were available.

X Dine-In Takeaway Delivery


Google naturally worked on providing Takeaway and Delivery attributes available to restaurants to select in their dashboards to display this, BUT X Dine-In was manually applied because restaurants were closed as per government requirements.

Why Cant I Remove It?

Whilst GMB was eager to shut down restaurants, they have been caught off guard by countries opening up at different stages and of course now require the Dine-In attribute.

Google My Business Restaurant Attributes - Service Options - Online Ownership


Some restaurants that have selected the Dine-In attribute, display successfully.

Some restaurants that select the Dine-In attribute, does not display and remains unavailable.

Some restaurants do not have the attribute available at all.

Some countries have the attributes but non display live – I suppose this is a god send considering this cock up.

Bars that serve food and have previously selected the Food attribute are now having X Dine-In displayed but do not have a Diine-In attribute available.


When Will This Be Fixed?

Currently there is no time line for a fix.

I will update if a time line becomes available and or there is something that restaurants need to apply.

Dine-In Attributes Fixed


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