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Report a Problem in Google Maps about Business Pages

Google has updated how to report a problem about a business page that you find listed in Google Maps. Previously the options were to report the business as Permanently Closed.

The updated “report a problem”  feature now includes :

  • Permanently Closed
  • Doesn’t Exist
  • Spam
  • Private
  • Moved Elsewhere
  • Duplicate


How to Report a Problem in Google Maps

When you come across a business page >> suggest an edit


Business Page Suggest and Edit



Select >> Place is permanently closed or doesn’t exist >> YES


Business Page Report a Problem


Select the correct label >> Add a note >> Submit


Business Page Report a Problem with Note



If you are the business owner, I would also report a duplicate via Business Support, this will be dealt with almost immediately rather then being queued

Read About : Report a Duplicate Business Page


Secondly, if you are reporting something about a business page, use the “Add a Note” feature and add some details as to why you have labelled it : Closed, Doesn’t Exist, Spam, Private, Moved or Duplicate.

This will help a reviewer to understand the report and approve the label.

Still have a Problem >> Google Support


Online Ownership offers a Google Business Consulting Service to help tidy up these types of issues.