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How to Report Incorrect Summary Terms on Google Business Page

There are two types of summary terms or short business descriptions that you might see on Google Maps and in the business knowledge panel; these are Editorial summaries and Review snippets. The question is how to report incorrect summary terms or business descriptions when they appear on your business page.

Update: The reporting forms have been depreciated.

Reporting Incorrect Summary Snippets and Terms now need to be directed to business support:


how to report editorial summary terms


Editorial Summaries: Are extracted from what people have written about the business online, whether it be in a review on the business page or on another site.

Editorial summaries or business descriptions are shown on Google Maps, both on the information panel and on the actual marker location for the business.


review summary terms


Review Summaries:  These review snippets appear both in Google Maps in the information box, as well as in the business knowledge panel in search.

The bolder terms are words that appear more often in reviews and Google algorithmically determines to be relevant to the business.


Reporting Incorrect Summary Terms, Business Description


  1.  Open the incorrect summary on business page report page
  2. Fill in your Name, Phone Number and Email address
  3. Select how you manage your business page
  4. Add the business page URL
  5. Report the incorrect summary
  6. Add details as to what is incorrect
  7. Select your relationship with the business
  8. Submit


Incorrect summary report page:


Incorrect Description Report Page


incorrect summary on business page


What would be an Incorrect Summary Term

Do Not use this report page, if you don’t like a review that is being displayed, it will not be changed.

A legitimate incorrect summary, would be where the snippet has not been displayed in full and the snippet presents another view of the business that was intended by the writer. For example, a dentist has a lot of positive reviews, where the reviewers have stated that they had not used / never tried this dentist before and they were very surprised and delighted with the service and price.

An incorrect summary would be when Google incorrectly uses : not this dentist / never try this dentist

If you are unhappy with a review and believe it may be against Google review guidelines, then request removal of the review, do not use this reporting tool.

Having trouble correcting your business profile, speak to out Google Business Profile Consultant for a no obligation chat.