How to Report a Duplicate Google Business Page

Duplicate Google Business Pages appearing in Google Maps can cause untold problems for Verified business pages and can even lead to the verified business page being removed and labeled as spam.

Updated: with new Google Business Support dashboard and steps


How to Report a Duplicate Google Business Page


Top Tip: Be logged into Google+ with your Business Page login

Go To : Google Business Support


Report Duplicate Google Business Pages


Select: Contact Us ( top right hand corner )

On the drop down menu

Select: Business information & edits


Report Duplicate Google Business Information


Select: My business appears on Maps twice


Report Duplicate Google Business on Map


Select: Call Back, Email or Chat


Report Duplicate Business with Business Support


Request a Call from Google Support Specialist


  • Select Your relationship to the business
  • Select how you manage your Google Business page


Talk to Google Business Support

  • Fill in Name ( should auto-fill )
  • Fill in Email Address ( should auto-fill )
  • Telephone Number ( should auto-fill )

Call Me


Send Email to Google Support Specialist

Fill in all the details, use the additional section to add in URL’s of third, fourth even fifth duplicate pages.
Email Google Business Support

  • Fill in Name ( should auto-fill )
  • Email Address ( should auto-fill )
  • How do you manage your business on Google?
  • What is the public URL for your business’s page?
  • What is the URL of the duplicate local page?
  • Additional details
  • What is your relationship to the business?
  • Would you like a Google Online Specialist to reply by calling you?



Deal with the Cause of the Duplicate Pages


There are quite a few reasons that duplicate pages get created. The most obvious being is that a Google business page already existed for the business, that needed to be claimed and verified. the business owner did not realise and created another business page which they then verified.

Another could be that an auto generated page existed, which Google created from details on the business website, after a re-brand, the name has been changed but the address and phone number remain the same. The business then creates a business page in the new name, leaving the old one in place, causing duplication issues.

business page citations

In the case where a business has moved and the old business page and address keeps appearing in search rather then the New address, this is most likely due to citations ( business details ) still circulating around the web, which need to be dealt with. If these business listings are not changed to the new details, then even with Google Business support removing the duplicate page, Google may auto generate a new duplicate page based on these citations around the web.

Guide to locating Duplicate & Rogue listings

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