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Removing Reservation Button in Restaurants Google Business Profile

Removing a booking or reservation button (via 3rd party) on your restaurant’s Google Business Profile is not as easy as it should be. Google is aware of these issues and is working on making this easier, but until then, it is a bit of a slog.

Note: Some reservation 3rd parties don’t play ball, or make it easy for you to have your restaurant removed from their system. This should not be the case (as per the agreement with Google). If you experience this, please see at the bottom what I need from you to report these bad actors.

Remove Reservation Booking Button from Google Business Profile - Online Ownership


Google Businesses Advise is Woeful

Google Business Support Documentation:

Turn off bookings

To remove online bookings through Google, work with your scheduling provider. Keep in mind that if you turn off booking, you impact any services you offer online, like classes or virtual estimates.

And the link they provide to “scheduling partners” does not go to the sites cancellation page (most don’t provide one) instead they go to the sites home page (handy link for providers) but useless for Google Business Profile users.


Removing Reservation / Booking Button

1. Identify Reservation Platform

Go to your Booking module in your restaurants business profile.

Booking Module in Restaurants Google Business Profile - Online Ownership

Then click on the open tab, it will take you to the reservations site.

Reservation Provider in Booking Module for Google Business Profile - Online Ownership

2. Contact Reservation / Booking Partner

You need to contact the 3rd party reservation partner and request cancellation and removal from their platform.

Please keep email correspondence, for support or reporting as a bad actor.

3. Contact Business Support

Removal of the button from your restaurants Google business profile won’t be instantaneous but should be fairly quickly once API system updates with Google.

If for some reason it has not been removed after a couple of days you can contact business support. Tell them the date your use was cancelled and you no longer use the reserve with Google partner.

Request the buttons removal.


Reporting a Bad Actor

If the reservation provider is giving you the run around, they are breaking their 3rd party agreement with Google and should be reported. The more reports that Google receives about the bad actors, the faster they can terminate the agreement.

You can either provide me with required details or the Google Business Profile Community forum.

  1. Case ID from when you contacted Business Support
  2. Your Business Profiles ID
  3. Name of 3rd Party
  4. Date you Requested 3rd Party Removal
  5. Copy of Email Correspondence with 3rd Party

And any other details you experienced with reserve with Google partner. Like payment demands or making it particularly difficult to cancel, have your restaurant removed from platform.


If you don’t have the time (or be bothered) dealing with GBP and 3rd Parties. Online Ownership provides a Google Business Consulting Service to help you solve problems just like this.