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Optimizing your Google Business Website

The Free Google Website builder for Google business listings does not offer any real SEO optimisation features. The intention behind the Google My Business website was to allow small businesses in developing countries the chance to create a simple, single-page, mobile-friendly website where users could find out more about the business than the Google business page provided.

How this is received by businesses globally will depend on how Google My Business develops the Website builder.

Free Google Business Websites are being depreciated in March 2024; here is an Alternative Solution to Free Google Business Profile Website.


How to Optimize a Google Business Website

Given that the website builder does not offer any optimisation features like, setting Title or Description meta tags, a business should concentrate on basic on page Local SEO principles.


Local Area in Headline

Add your local area into your business websites headline.


Optimizing Google Website Builder - Headline to Contain Local Area


This is also the H1 tag on page.


Service and Area in Summary Header

The summary header is your H2 tag on page. Try and include you Main service and local area within this summary header.


Optimizing Google Website Builder - Summary Header to include main service and local area


On Page Information

Provide price list or other services that you offer and offer a small description to additional services.

Provide additional local information that customers might find useful, parking and other services in the area that compliment your business.


Google Website Optimization - On Page Content


Add Social Channels

Don’t forget to add in your social channels for customers to click through to.


The Future of Google Business Website

It is still a little too early to evaluate how search will treat these sites, but Googlebot is already using the main headline as the Title in search results, although the description leads a lot to be desired.

If the uptake of these proves successful in Google My Business’s internal measurements then we should expect to see more functionality appearing over time.


Future Functionality Possibilities:

  • Be able to set Title and Meta description
  • Create additional sub headings with H3 tag
  • Social media icons that you would just add link to
  • LocalBusiness structured data markup built in
  • Featured image selection for social sharing
  • Restaurant to be able to add Menu and attach to menu url within business page listing
  • Export business attributes from listing into site and editable
  • Embed reviews from business listing


And the last long shot after the above is implemented is to use all of the businesses own data that now appears on site as a trusted source of business info, rather then scraping or relying on 3rd party sites.